Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics- New Spring Colors

I recently snagged some of Youngblood Cosmetics’ spring line goodies and wanted to share these gorgeous products with you. 
Luminous Creme Blush in Taffeta and Lipstick in Tangelo

Everyone knows that orange is this spring’s “it” color and it certainly showed on the runways during Fashion Week as well as every makeup and nail line that has launched recently. Youngblood has stayed on trend by offering up these two beautiful coral colors.

Tangelo ($19) is a sheer coral-orange lipstick that is flattering on all skin tones. This product is super sheer and can be worn by itself for light coverage or layered over pencil (which I prefer) for a bold orange lip. I love its versatility! With ingredients like Sunflower Oil and Vitamin E, all I can say is this stuff feels soft, soft and more soft. Tangelo is on sale for 20% off RIGHT NOW on the YB Skin site! Hurry, $15 is a fabulous price for this lipstick!

Taffeta ($27) is a pinky-coral cream-textured blush that combines a shimmering glow with sheer, long wearing color. I know a lot of people are scared to wear cream blush, but I promise, it’s actually easier than powder blush! I swirled two fingers in this cream and dabbed in the center of each cheek, then gently patted the color outward and towards the my temples. I was actually surprised at how saturated the color was. I was ready to pack on a powder blush on top when I realized I really didn’t need it. The camera didn’t capture the boldness of it, but trust me, it’s there. I’m wearing it now in fact, and I even wore it through a yoga class- it’s still on! The new “Luminous Creme Blushes” by YBSkin all boast an oil-free formula containing Vitamins C & E, Allantoin (an anti-irritant) and Jojoba Esters (an emollient that makes applying this product smoothly easy)

With flash, lipstick on top, blush on bottom

Without flash, lipstick on top, blush on bottom
Here’s a coupe of outdoor shots of me wearing both. See how sheer and beautifully blended the cream blush looks? I did that with my fingers!

I wore Soar lip liner by MAC under Tangelo to make it pop. 

I paired the coral cheeks and lips with this spring-inspired green and peach eye

Here’s what it looked like indoors

I’d like to also point out that Youngblood Cosmetics does NOT test on animals (yay!)

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