Canada cosmetics line, Lise Watier, has come out with skincare sets targeted for different age groups. Why didn’t anyone think of this before? It makes perfect sense, since every decade has different skin care needs. The skincare sets start at “30+” and go to “50+” Personally, I never think it’s too early to start prevention of wrinkles, so I wish they had a “20+” line. But I’ll take the 30+ any day. These are a little on the pricey side but if you are particular about what goes on your skin and are willing to spend that extra buck, I highly recommend these. You can find Lise Watier online HERE as well as at Naimie’s in Studio City, Calif.

30+  Resist-Age 
 Smooth The First Wrinkles
Smooths out fine lines and brings vitality to skin
40+ Lift & Firm
Reveal A New Youth
Improves skin’s elasticity and tone

50+ L’Experience 
Nourish & Bring Back the Glow
This one pulls out all the stops: deep hydration, wrinkle reduction, density, firmness and radiance.