Caviar Manicures

Get ready to see the coolest nail art since…well, like ever. U.K. company Ciate has come out with what they call the “Caviar Manicure.” The Caviar Manicure is a set that comes with a bottle of nail polish, a bottle of tiny glass beads, a tray and a funnel.

Peep Fleur de Force’s video below for the easy steps on how to apply:

The sets are 18 U.K. pounds, which comes out to about $28.44. These supposedly last about 3-4 days tops. They will be available to us in the United States in April 2012 at Sephora stores for $25/set.  There are three shades to choose from. I am loving the white one…can anyone say BRIDAL?!


Mother Of Pearl

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