Reel Sexy Time with MAC

I’m excited to show you guys MAC’s newest collections today! I was invited to MAC Pro Roberston’s special event on Thursday, March 30th and boy did it bring back memories of working at the Vegas store years ago! It was packed to the brim with MAC artists and fans alike. The music was thumping, and there was endless amounts of movie theatre-style popcorn, candy bars and flowing champagne under red lighting.
Here’s my friend and fellow artist Nicole accepting some yummy pink popcorn from the pretty model.

Wendy, a lovely MAC artist, applying Whisper of Gilt from the In Extra Dimension line to my cheekbones.

She was so sweet! It was hard to hear in there, but she was patient and explained to me that Whisper to Gilt is a liquid-to-powder formula made to highlight and sculpt the face. She applied it using the 190 brush.

Here’s the In Extra Dimension display

Oh, how I love me some body paint products…

I loved this blue Extra Dimension eye shadow in Blue Orbit

Cute boys serving alcohol and candy are always a plus.

Nicole feeding her friend popcorn lol
It was a reunion, complete with our long time friend and manager at Pro, Jason Stanphil!

The Tre’s Chic display features 6 ALL NEW blushes!

The REEL SEXY display is full service…a little bit of everything!

One of my favorite products of the evening was the Prep N Prime Skin Smoother. It’s waxy, you use your fingers to apply all over wrinkles and oily areas to smooth over and help the appearance of your foundation. I want!

Cool movie theatre reenactment!

Happy to be back in my element…

Store move alert: The Paseo Mall (Pasadena) location has moved a couple of blocks down to Old Town, according to the lovely makeup artist below.

So glad I had my buddy by my side to enjoy all the sweets and drinks!

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