How to Apply Fake Eyelashes

Fantastic still shot of me below, right? LOL
I decided to re-do my fake eyelashes video on Youtube since I now have an HD quality camera. I did this one right after my Spring Trend: Mint video so you will see that I’m still rockin’ Lime Crime’s Mint To Be lipstick 🙂 
Things you will need: 
False Eyelashes – My favorite brands are Ardell, Makeup For Ever and MAC. 
Curler– You should curl your own eyelashes.
Mascara– Apply mascara to your own eyelashes before applying the falsies.
Lash Glue– My favorite brand is Duo. There is black-drying (which is waterproof) and clear-drying (non-waterproof.) I prefer to use the black-drying, because it stays put and looks like eyeliner, but if you have sensitive eyes, try the clear kind first.
Scissors- You will need a pair of scissors to trim your false eyelashes.
Q-tips– You can use q-tips to help push the falsies onto your eyelid and gently roll onto the skin to get rid of excess glue.
Good Luck!

One thought on “How to Apply Fake Eyelashes

  1. This was really helpful! I never let the glue dry and the white glue would get all over my real lashes. Now I know! Thanks! I was referred to your website by my high school friend Sharon!

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