My Illamasqua Cleopatra

Yes, I’m still stuck on Illamasqua‘s Human Fundamentalism line. I wanted to recreate this futuristic, tribal Cleopatra and my friend and comedian Melia Mills happily played the guinea pig. With the help of photographer and friend Demecio Sandoval, we captured this recreation in nature (aka my backyard).
Here’s the original
Here’s the Lady C version

We had so much fun listening to Bob Marley while the birds chirped outside.

Here’s my favorite shot of the day:

Thank you to Melia and Demecio for making my quirky idea a reality. I’m so lucky to have such talented friends who are down to collaborate all in the name of ART. šŸ™‚
You can catch Melia Mills at the Comedy Central Stage in Hollywood, Calif. If you don’t live close, you can also follow Melia on her Youtube channel HERE and on Twitter HERE.
Need head shots, family photos or a photog to capture your special day? Contact Demecio Sandoval on his Facebook page HERE for great rates!

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