Too Faced "Natural Royalty" Out Now

I love this time of year. From March to June, every makeup line comes out with their summer launch. Summer just happens to be my favorite season, full of turquoise eye liners, peach lip gloss and deep dark bronzers! Too Faced must have known my birthday is coming up, because they delivered this amazing “Natural Beauty” launch just in time. Check out the collection below or click here for more.

Summer Eye Collection- $36

I’m usually not a huge fan of “eye shadow kits” because it feels limiting. What I really love about this one by Too Faced is that all of the colors are truly wearable for every skin tone. THANK YOU for not leaving out our darker-toned girls, Too Faced! I’m drooling everywhere over that little peach color.

Candlelight Glow Duo- $29
I was already in love with the original “Candlelight” powder but this just takes it to another level. The left gives off a yellow-gold glow while the right now softens with pink undertones. According to the description, “offers a more ethereal glow by using PHOTOLITE technology which diffuses harsh lighting giving your skin a diffused, youthful luminosity. The powder formula is easy to apply to cheeks, brow bones, and décolleté for a quick all-over glow.”

Primed & Poreless Pure- $30
This is colorless and oil-free and mattes out any shiny-ness while minimizing redness and erasing the appearance of pores and fine lines. This is also a spin-off of the original formula, particularly formulated for those with sensitive skin.

Royal Oil Coconut Oil Body Bronzer With Mangosteen Extract

This sexy bronzing body oil absorbs into the skin without smearing onto clothes or sheets, and is great for every skin tone, from pale to  deep-dark. Mangosteen Oil is a potent antioxidant that protects against harsh environmental factors. Royal Oil is great for face or body (although if you have sensitive skin and are prone to breaking out, I would stay away from the face). You can also use this product in your hair to protect it from the salty beach or chlorinated pools.

Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder- $29

This matte formula bronzer is actually made of real cocoa powder. A chocolate bronzer, I love it! It even smells like chocolate…YUM. It comes in two shades, Light Matte and Deep Matte. I prefer matte bronzers over the glittery-greasy shimmer ones anyway.

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