Ally the Unicorn Stagg

My friend Allyson Stagg of the Las Vegas Style Sirens is sickeningly pretty, and an amazing makeup artist. After accompanying me to the IMATs this year, she sent me these photos of herself wearing all of her new purchases, and I swear to you I had to throw my phone down and walk out of the room because of  how enchanting they were.

I felt that this look was really meant to be since today is National Unicorn Appreciation Day (according to Lime Crime creator, Doe Deere)

She went for a monochromatic (one color) look, which I always forget is an option.


Lime Crime’s brand new Aquataenia Palette
NYX Liquid Crystal Liner in Crystal Pink
NYX Lip Liner in Dolly Pink
Lime Crime’s Airborne Unicorn lipstick


Too Faced Free Shipping

Hi guys, just wanted to pop in and let you know that Too Faced Cosmetics is offering FREE SHIPPING starting Thursday, June 28th to Wednesday, July 4th. Use the code below. 
I recently bought their 3 Way Lash Lining Tool and I love it. 
Happy Shopping!

IMATS L.A.- June 23, 2012

It’s that time of year again! Every June, the International Makeup Trade Show makes its way to Los Angeles. This year, I took my fellow makeup artist and BFF Allyson Stagg of the Las Vegas Style Sirens  along. With my wedding looming in the near future, I really couldn’t go berserk like I did the previous year and buy everything I wanted. I walked out of there with only $50 worth of products, can you believe it?! The IMATS were a little less crowded this year, with exhibitors ranging from makeup giants like MAC, Urban Decay, and Ben Nye to boutique lines like Lime Crime and Sugar Pill, to up-and-comers like Youngblood Cosmetics and OCC. Naimie’s Beauty Supply took up an entire aisle, which I like to call “Heaven,” with products otherwise unreachable to us L.A. girls like Lise Watier and Smashbox. I’m happy to report that the theme among most of the booths was paraben-free, cruelty-free products. The only thing that bummed me out this year is that I literally saw NONE of the beauty bloggers and Youtube gurus I follow there. I was so disappointed, I love meeting other people in the beauty industry and I have no idea where they were and why they weren’t there. I was super sad that Kandee Johnson didn’t make it out this year as well, due to her father’s recent passing. Your presence was missed, Kandee, and our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. 
Here’s Ally and I at the entrance
My fun collage of some of my favorite products at the IMATS

Clockwise from the top: the IMATS signage outside of the Pasadena Convention Center, OCC Lip Tars, Lise Watier Lip Stains and Lime Crime’s Carousel Gloss and Eye Liners.

The Youngblood Cosmetics booth, where I ran into friend Adriana Perez of the PR crew 🙂
Youngblood Cosmetics. I love their primer and eye cream

Some of the special effects makeup being done on the floor 
I bought Too Faced’s 3 Way Eye Liner at the Naimie’s booth…great stuff!

Ally and I are wearing Lime Crime’s Mint To Be and Cosmopop lipsticks.We had so much fun looking at the products at their booth!

I found THE Eve Pearl doing makeup on the floor of the trade show. Amazing!

I absolutely adored these Sugarpill girls. I love how bright and fun their makeup line is.

I chatted with Doe Deere, creator of Lime Crime, again. I like to pick her brain about Lime Crime’s products and just what goes on in that blue-haired head of hers. Not only is she super creative, BUT she is also a savvy business woman, something a lot of artists in this business lack.
As usual, it looked like My Little Pony threw up glitter  and rainbows on my hand.

Always testing products.

 We swung back around to the Lime Crime booth and ran into the inspiration behind Doe’s “Aquataenia” line, real live moon mermaid Traci Hines

She’s just so darn magical!

A cool body painting by Mehron Cosmetics. I love how good the painting came out on the fabric of the bra, it really looks like she’s wearing nothing!
Here’s my stash from the IMATS: South Seas Airbrush Tanning Solution, South Seas Coffee Body Scrub, Too Faced 3 Way Lash Lining Tool and a sample of Kollagen’s 24kt Gold Eye Serum. Not pictured: Ardell Lashes and Duo Black Lash Glue.
Phew! Two happy but tired makeup artists who may as well have spent the day in Disneyland. 

Join me at the IMATS in Los Angeles next year on January 18-20th! Tickets are already on sale:

Geometry Never Looked More Fun

I’m excited to bring you guys the ever requested geometric design for nails. I would rate this nail art’s difficulty level as “Intermediate.” It’s physically an easy design but there are a lot of steps involved. I adore the look of this. It’s probably in my top five favorite nail designs I’ve done. I get compliments on it everywhere I go. The colors pop and are very eye catching together. Looks great on tan to dark skin! 
(Peach) Life & Beth Nail Lacquer by MAC
(Mint) Get in Lime Nail Polish by OPI
(Grey) Chinchilla Nail Polish by Essie
(White Striper) by Sinful Colors
Rush 60 Second Top Coat

Orly Base Coat
Watch the tutorial below: 

Selena Gomez- Love You Like A Love Song Look

Hi all!

I’ve been getting a ton of requests for MORE Selena Gomez looks, so here you go. I am absolutely in LOVE with her “Love You Like A Love Song” video, not just for the song itself, but for all the awesome makeup looks she has in it. 
I picked the look she wore when she was out in the field with the Mariachi band this time….

Photo still of Miss Selena
Pretty fun right?!

Here’s the video for the look by yours truly
Youngblood Cosmetics Creme Blush in Pink Cashmere
MAC liner in Magenta
MAC liner in CranApple
MAC Longwear lip cream in Love Forever
MAC eye shadow in Tease With Ease Tote

Feist your eyes on the unbelievable cuteness of this tote by

I got this last week and have been “toting” it around ever since. is an up-and-coming online boutique that sells sparkly and fun, modern accessories with a vintage twist. This tote is great for a quick trip to the store or shopping, especially since it’s really too hot these days to be lugging around a heavy purse. Instead of carrying around plastic shopping bags, I’ll ask the clerk to put whatever I’ve purchased in this. Saves the environment, right? I’ve been throwing in my wallet, keys, phone and lip balm and running my errands. The big ‘ol heart puts a smile on my face and the cheery red color is just so fun. I think I’m going to start using it to hold my false lashes when I go on jobs. It’s the perfect size to throw stuff in that won’t fit in my NYX kit!
Here’s a shot from my Instagram of when I took my tote to The Grove for some Pinkberry.
I had some fun with Capuccino in the backyard the other day and took these snapshots. It’s funny because the minute I laid the tote down he walked right over and sat next to it without any prompting from me.

He is really attached to this tote lol

Life just doesn’t get any better than this, does it?

Mary Kay Product Review

Timewise Microdermabrasion Set- $55
I adore microdermabrasion sets, and this one by Mary Kay is one of them. The 2 step formula is easy to use and great for sensitive skin. The exfoliater (Step 1) is finely milled and non-abrasive. I splashed my clean skin with warm water (to open up the pores) and dove right in to the tiny exfoliating crystals. Step 2 is a super light moisturizer that is great for anyone from dry to very oily skin. I tend to be very oily, but after applying this to my skin, my face felt buttery-soft without all the grease. I highly recommend giving yourself the Microdermabrasion treatment once a week, preferable right after a shower, so your skin is clean and your pores are open.

Mineral Eye Color- $6.50
I was pleasantly surprised by these super-affordable mineral eye shadows. With my eye primer on underneath, they went on smoothly and lasted all day. They all have a soft, sheen finish that I can only describe as being somewhere between Matte and Frost. Perfect finish in my humble opinion.

I especially loved this summer-friendly color called Lemongrass. Great for all skin tones!

Beauty Blotters- $6

I need to have at least one full pack of blotting tissues in my purse at all times, thanks to the humidity in Southern California and my tendency to get oily. For $6 you get 75 smackaroos, and they work wonderfully. I wish I had known I could get oil blotters for so cheap, I would have never spent all these years buying 30 sheets for $15 from other brands.

Timewise Firming Eye Cream- $30
I really liked this eye cream. It feels cooling and smoothes out any fine lines or wrinkles. Eye creams tend to be expensive, so I don’t mind the price. Eye creams are a must for every evening before bed. I also tend to use mine in the morning because I have dark, puffy “allergy eyes.” It’s great to use after plucking or waxing to help with any redness and swelling!

If you are interested in any of these products or would like to get into Mary Kay and start off with some samples, feel free to contact my lovely MK rep below:
Rachel Shine
(510) 685-0627