Sephora Raid

Shopping hauls can be expensive, and lucky for me, a got a TON of Sephora gift cards for my birthday and bridal shower. I wish I could bottle up the feeling I get walking into a Sephora and knowing I’m going to score a ton of goodies for zero dollars. My “want” list is pretty full these days, so I marched right in to Hollywood & Highland’s Sephora, grabbed a basket and started skipping around. Here’s what I found….

Ciate Caviar Manicure: $25

Can anyone say Artsy Fartsy Bride?! I died when I saw these. Ciate makes this micro beads, nail polish and funnel trio in three different shades. I picked up the white, but there is also rainbow and black. I really wanted to love these. They looked beautiful and were fairly easy to apply. However, the beads came off, one by one, within 24 hours. I think this is a fantastic idea for someone who is going to an event and can get their nails done right before, but that’s about it. 
Exhibit A
Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad: $18 for 10 Wipes

Okay, these babies are awesome. One towelette is enough for your face, neck, ears and shoulders. It gives a wonderful, subtle tan without A) smelling like death B) clogging your pores. In fact, these tanning towelettes have anti-agers in them along with Vitamin D. Yes, they are a little pricey, but who cares?! THEY WORK.
Exhibit B- bronzy skin
Pacific Island Vanilla Body Butter, Lip Tint, Roll On Perfume: $18

I’ve been in a very sweet-smell mood these past couple of weeks thanks to this Pacifica gift set. The “Island Vanilla” formula is a soft, subtle scent that won’t nauseate you. The body lotion is super moisturizing. I love the convenience of the roller ball perfume, and the lip tint has a nice shimmer to it. 
Sephora by OPI Matte Top Coat: $9.50

What it does: a top coat that creates a matte effect when applied to any nail color. SO much better than purchasing separate matte nail polish colors, this one mattifies whatever you have!

Josie Maran Argan Oil: $48 for 1.7 oz
Three words: Not for me. I don’t understand what all the hype is about this mysterious oil that will supposedly fix everything from your hair to your nail beds. I got a sample size of this and applied a small amount to the ends of my hair after a shower. Next thing I know, my scalp is dripping with enough grease to fry a Jack In The Box taco. It made my head and hair so oily that I ended up having to wash it out. I tried putting it on my skin but I wasn’t comfortable blinding people with my shiny arms and legs. I mean… I can see this product doing wonders for people with super coarse, curly/frizzy hair, but it just didn’t do it for my straight Armenian mane. 

Shore Leave Pro Longwear Lip Pencil- $19

This stuff is great. Glides on effortlessly and sticks to your lips the second you put it on. Doesn’t go anywhere for at least 6 hours. Loved the formula already, had to get it in this pale coral color

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