Mary Kay Product Review

Timewise Microdermabrasion Set- $55
I adore microdermabrasion sets, and this one by Mary Kay is one of them. The 2 step formula is easy to use and great for sensitive skin. The exfoliater (Step 1) is finely milled and non-abrasive. I splashed my clean skin with warm water (to open up the pores) and dove right in to the tiny exfoliating crystals. Step 2 is a super light moisturizer that is great for anyone from dry to very oily skin. I tend to be very oily, but after applying this to my skin, my face felt buttery-soft without all the grease. I highly recommend giving yourself the Microdermabrasion treatment once a week, preferable right after a shower, so your skin is clean and your pores are open.

Mineral Eye Color- $6.50
I was pleasantly surprised by these super-affordable mineral eye shadows. With my eye primer on underneath, they went on smoothly and lasted all day. They all have a soft, sheen finish that I can only describe as being somewhere between Matte and Frost. Perfect finish in my humble opinion.

I especially loved this summer-friendly color called Lemongrass. Great for all skin tones!

Beauty Blotters- $6

I need to have at least one full pack of blotting tissues in my purse at all times, thanks to the humidity in Southern California and my tendency to get oily. For $6 you get 75 smackaroos, and they work wonderfully. I wish I had known I could get oil blotters for so cheap, I would have never spent all these years buying 30 sheets for $15 from other brands.

Timewise Firming Eye Cream- $30
I really liked this eye cream. It feels cooling and smoothes out any fine lines or wrinkles. Eye creams tend to be expensive, so I don’t mind the price. Eye creams are a must for every evening before bed. I also tend to use mine in the morning because I have dark, puffy “allergy eyes.” It’s great to use after plucking or waxing to help with any redness and swelling!

If you are interested in any of these products or would like to get into Mary Kay and start off with some samples, feel free to contact my lovely MK rep below:
Rachel Shine
(510) 685-0627

2 thoughts on “Mary Kay Product Review

  1. Thank you for the amazing review of Mary Kay and our products! We have so much to offer at amazing prices!Rachel ShineIndependent Beauty ConsultantAndBridal Image Specialist

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