Feist your eyes on the unbelievable cuteness of this tote by

I got this last week and have been “toting” it around ever since. is an up-and-coming online boutique that sells sparkly and fun, modern accessories with a vintage twist. This tote is great for a quick trip to the store or shopping, especially since it’s really too hot these days to be lugging around a heavy purse. Instead of carrying around plastic shopping bags, I’ll ask the clerk to put whatever I’ve purchased in this. Saves the environment, right? I’ve been throwing in my wallet, keys, phone and lip balm and running my errands. The big ‘ol heart puts a smile on my face and the cheery red color is just so fun. I think I’m going to start using it to hold my false lashes when I go on jobs. It’s the perfect size to throw stuff in that won’t fit in my NYX kit!
Here’s a shot from my Instagram of when I took my tote to The Grove for some Pinkberry.
I had some fun with Capuccino in the backyard the other day and took these snapshots. It’s funny because the minute I laid the tote down he walked right over and sat next to it without any prompting from me.

He is really attached to this tote lol

Life just doesn’t get any better than this, does it?

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