Katy Perry’s Summer Vamp look with YB Skin

Hi peeps! Sorry it took me so long to post, I just got back from my bachelorette weekend in Vegas and I’m less than two weeks away from being married. Needless to say, my mind is on complete overload and I’m scatter-brained for life. 
Anyways, has anyone seen the post-divorce look Katy Perry has been rocking? I’m in love with the purple hair and vampy makeup. She doesn’t quite look goth, it’s more teetering on the edge of “dark pinup.” It’s like the goth from high school grew up and got a job. Katy’s face is a makeup artist’s dream: big, round, blue eyes, long lashes, strong brows and smooth complexion. So anytime she does a new look, I basically die. 
What’s special about this tutorial is that all the products I will be using are from Youngblood Cosmetics. I really love that this company was created by a dermatologist who cares enough to make all of her products cruelty-free and paraben-free. Why not highlight a brand whose products are harmless to animals and whose products are actually good for your skin, right?
Here’s my take below:

This look was a very clean, simple eye with strong eye brows and a deep dark lip. 
Click the video below to watch the tutorial

Ultimate Concealer (medium)
Pressed Mineral Foundation (warm beige)
Crushed Mineral Blush (Rouge)
Eye Illuminating Duo
Crushed Mineral Eye Shadow (Alabaster)
Pressed Eyeshadow (Merlot)
Incredible Wear Gel Liner (Eclipse)
Brow Artiste (Dark)
Mineral Lengthening Mascara
Bistro Lipstick
You can find all these awesome products on www.YBSkin.com

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