Perfect Moment Photography- New Venture Featuring Baby Nordquist

Hi everyone! I’m pleased to announce that I have teamed up with my good friend and photographer Demecio Sandoval to bring to you Perfect Moment Photography. PMP consists of myself and Demecio, and our specialty is family portraits and maternity paintings. I get you primped and pretty, and Demecio snaps the shots!
Our first client, is the lovely Tessa, my yoga instructor. I had missed yoga for a few months and when I went back to class in May, I noticed her cute little bump and was delighted. She has got to be the tiniest preggo I’ve ever met. You gotta see her in class too- she can balance on one leg and even still do the downward dog with baby Nordquist! It’s really inspiring to watch her do the poses that my non-pregnant self still has trouble with.
Here she is at seven months with their baby girl 🙂

Photo courtesy of DS Photography
It took about an hour to complete the design on Tessa’s belly. Tessa requested a “yogic” theme, so we chose a pink lotus, with the celestial moon and sun double-face in the center. 
I always start my designs by looking up inspirational photos on the internet, then I make a sketch. After the client approves, I follow my sketch and inspirational photos to create the design.
Photo courtesy of DS Photography
Here’s Tessa and her awesome husband and baby daddy, Adam. 

Photo courtesy of DS Photography

How cute is this shot?!
Photo courtesy of DS Photography
 I love their rings
Photo courtesy of DS Photography

Doing what she does best
Photo courtesy of DS Photography
If you or someone you know is interested in taking maternity shots, please contact me at I work with a fabulous photographer, Demecio Sandoval, and we can always work within your budget. Capture this special time in you and your baby’s life with Perfect Moment Photography!

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