Pet Peeve: Empty Eyebrows

It has recently come to my attention that the every day person isn’t always educated in filling in their eyebrows. One of my pet peeves as a makeup artist is seeing someone rocking beautiful eye makeup with empty eyebrows. It’s like curling your hair and then putting it in a bun: what’s the point? I can’t tell you how often I see this happen, to innocent bystanders everywhere. If I’m out at a bar, I’ll spot a sexy smoky eye on the bartender, followed by her sparse, half-plucked-off eyebrows. It’s just such a disappointment. I’ll be at the grocery store and take note of the stay-at-home mom with awesome winged eyeliner….and her misshapen eyebrows.

Hello! Where are your brows?!

Lesson 1: Complete the Look. 
Eyebrows frame the face and set the tone for your makeup. My advice is to start with your eye makeup first, then fill in your eyebrows accordingly. Are you wearing a smoky eye? Better make those eyebrows a little stronger than you would normally do. Going with a basic vanilla shade? Lightly dust your angle brush through your brows with a shadow one shade lighter than your natural hair color. 

Lesson 2: Full Eyebrows Need Love Too

Just because you have full eyebrows doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fill them in. I have the thickest, hairiest eyebrows on the planet and I still fill them in with some eyeshadow and Makeup For Ever’s corrector. Why? Because even the fullest brows can be thinning at the ends or missing hairs in the front. Also, filling in your eyebrows will help them stand out in photos. Have you ever noticed that your brows disappear in your Facebook photos? That’s because the flash is reflecting off of your skin underneath. Filling in your eyebrows will help the flash bounce off the darker color and will show up on film. 

Don’t even ask me where I got this photo….poor thing.

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