Halloween Costume Nail Ideas

Happy weekend all! Since I’ve been in the Halloween spirit all week, I wanted to share some fun nail ideas to go with your costume looks come October. I’ll start with my most recent creation:

TiM BuRtOn-InSpIrEd

I have this spooky look  featuring Jack Skellington and Frankenweenie (thanks to Goldie Starling for the idea!) on my nails as we speak and get compliments on it every where. It’s a little time consuming, as it’s all by hand, but a really fun process.

You will need:

Black and white nail polishes, black and white stripers (Rite Aid sells them for 1.99 each), top coat and tiny little googly eyes (I got mine at Michaels).

I call this a Sexy Spiderweb look. Paint all of your nails a glossy black (no chips!) and cover the thumb nails in multi-colored glitter. Then, using a silver striper, create the spiderwebs on your ring fingers.

Lil Frankies are another inspiration from Goldie Starling on Youtube. That girl is super talented! I wore these last year with my Bride of Frankestein costume.  

Mermaid’s Tail is perfect for a sea creature of any kind. I painted my nails a medium turquoise shade then covered them with white, iridescent glitter polish (at least 2 coats). I added the purple rhinestone for the bling factor.

November Plaid is super cool for a nerdy school girl outfit or even just a everyday. You will need an apricot-gold polish base and black, white and gold glitter stripers (again, Rite Aid sells those babies for $1.99 each!)

Dead Man’s Tale is perfect for any sea-faring pirate. You will need red and black nail polishes and black, gold glitter and white stripers. I used the end of a bobby pin to get the points on the X’s and the top end of a pen for the skull head, dipped in white polish.

Let Skele-Bones dance across your fingers with any base color of your preference (I actually wish I had picked a darker color like plum or black for this) and a white striper polish!


Halloween Series: Mermaid Makeup

It’s my favorite time of year: Halloween is near! I just couldn’t wait any longer so I am stoked to bring to you the first costume look of the season which is a Mermaid. I was a mermaid a few years ago but I wanted to amp up the look I did. What do you think?

I went all out and created fish scales on my face, hand and elbow using latex and cellophane. If you would like to recreate this look (or just curious how I did it) please watch the tutorial below! SIDE NOTE: If you are recreating this look download the Michael’s app for tons of discounted coupons. Just show the cashier your phone and they can scan the coupons!

DISCLAIMER: If you have sensitive skin, I would not advise you to do this look. Liquid latex and lash glue tend to freak sensitive skin out. It’s best to try a small amount of them on your hand first to see if you have a reaction.


All MAC eyeshadows, Urban Decay eye primer and NYX chubby pencils

Naimie’s fantasy lashes

Ariel’s seahorse, starfish and rhinestones from Michaels

Adhesive pearls from Michaels

Cinema Secrets Flesh Latex

Lime Crime D’Lilac lipstick

Fish Scales: 

Blue iridescent cellophane and big hole puncher from Michaels

Halloween Costume Ideas with Videos

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is just around the corner and it’s a great excuse to slap on glitter and false eye lashes or fake blood and scars and have a fun night out. Every year I create looks for my readers/viewers to wear for Halloween. I’m currently working on three SpOOky makeup looks to bring you this year. In the meantime, I thought I’d bring to you some oldies but goodies:

Dio De Los Muertos

This is a girly, glittery take on the ever traditional Dio de Los Muertos mask. What’s great about this costume look is that you can wear it with just about anything in your closet. I suggest a long black skirt and a red or black lace top!

Vampire- Booo I lost my photos for this!

This look isn’t your average Twilight vamp. It’s a take on the classic fangs-and-widows-peak variety. This video was probably the most fun I’ve had filming. I love the eye shadows I used in the video: MAC’s Blue-brown pigment is a must for everyone- it looks beautiful on every skin tone and jazzes up your smoky eye look.

Katy Perry 

Ok, this particular video wasn’t meant for Halloween, but I did notice quite a few KP’s out for Halloween last year so I wanted to include this in the roundup. This is a super pretty makeup that includes wacky blue eyebrows and a matching wig. Be a true California Gurl with this look!

Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty- TAG with Video

There’s a fun makeup tag in the Youtube community going around called the “Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty”. I would LOVE to see your responses in the comments below or on my Youtube channel!  Here are the questions, and my own answers:

1) GREED: What is your most inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive?

Wet N Wild H20 Proof Liquid Liner: $3.99, and Orogold’s Eye Intensive Treatment 24K for $208 (I said $300 in the video, but I was mixing it up with the face serum).

2) WRATH: What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with?

MAC’s Studio Finish Concealer , I currently wear NW25. Sometimes it looks great and covers perfectly, other days it creases.

3) GLUTTONY: What are your most delicious beauty products?

Fresh’s Sugar lip balms rock my socks! They smell lemony-sweet and feel fantastic on.

4) SLOTH: What beauty product do you neglect, due to lazyness?

Eyeshadows…I just don’t have time for them on a daily basis 😦

5) PRIDE: What beauty product gives you the most self confidence?

Red lipstick, hands down. My personal favorite is Ruby Woo from MAC.

6) LUST: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

Confidence is key! I love logical thinkers… if we are talking physical then I’m a sucker for the eyes. I know, boring but true lol.

7) ENVY: What items would you most like to receive as a gift?

Makeup Forever’s HD Microfinish powder

Tarte’s Maracuja Creaseless Concealer

Too Faced’s Three Way Lash Lining Tool


Wedding Wednesday- Setting Spray

This week’s Wedding Wednesday is all about making your makeup last all day and all night. There is a wonderful product out there called setting spray that many companies make and will help set your makeup for the long haul. These sprays help protect your makeup against heat and humidity- great for hot weather or dancing up a storm!

I recommend holding them about 10 inches from your face and spritz once on the left, once on the right, and once in the middle. Even better, have someone hold the bottle and do it for you (while your eyes are closed, of course!).


Urban Decay’s “All Nighter” Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray (long name, I know) is a reliable product and actually comes in a sample size (.5 oz.) for  $12 as well as full size (4 oz.) for  $29. A little pricey but you may get so addicted you will use it every day. This product is hypoallergenic and claims to last up to 16 hours!


Cinema Secrets’ Super Sealer is what I used on my own wedding day and I often use it to set my maternity paintings on clients. This stuff keeps makeup fresh on your face all day. It comes in a trial size (2 oz.) for  $10 or full size (8 oz.) for $30.



Nicki Minaj at the VMAs 2012



How gorgeous did Nicki Minaj look at this year’s VMA Awards? I absolutely adore her in the “Barbie” theme. She just does it so well. This look is beautiful for a clubby night out or even for a glamourous Halloween look. I break it down for you in the video at the end of this blog.

Here’s my version:


SUCH a fun look, I didn’t want to take it off! Click below to watch the tutorial:



MAC eyeshadows in Electra and Shroom

Naked Palette eyeshadows in Dark Horse and Hustle

MAC liquid liner in Boot Black

MAC 3D Silver glitter

Aloe Vera (any brand)

Urban Decay eye primer in Eden

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough As Taupe


NYX pink lip liner

MAC Saint Germaine Lipstick

Fuschia from the MUF Flash Palette

MAC Monday- Please Me Lipstick

Hi peeps, as most of you know I adore MAC products. I love them so much in fact, that I decided I will be showcasing one every Monday. For the very first “MAC Monday” I’m bringing you my recent find, “Please Me” lipstick. Please Me is the perfect mix of nude and pink. It’s completely matte and creamy texture make this a gorgeous lipstick that can be worn alone or under gloss. I’ve been wearing it with a swipe of Fresh’s Sugar clear lip balm under neath and I can’t tear myself away from it. It’s just…LOVELY.

Look how pretty it is on this model’s skin with those flirty eyes!

I recommend this lipstick color to those of you who with yellow undertones. Anyone with olive skin in the “medium” tone range will look fab with this on.

“Please Me” goes for $15 smackaroos.