Be Well Expo at L.A. Convention Center


Last weekend Sis and I went to the Be Well Beauty & Wellness Expo. This was my first visit to a beauty convention that wasn’t primarily cosmetics (like IMATS) so I wasn’t expecting it to be as, well….fun. Clearly, I was wrong. Be Well’s exhibitors ranged from teeth whitening and dietary booths to skin, hair, nails and makeup. It was honestly heaven for women! What I especially loved about it was that almost every exhibitor was someone who I hadn’t heard of. Lots of new products to explore!

There were lots of demos going on, including eyelash extensions.




I spied this awesome travel-friendly airbrush tanning machine at Sun Labs. I have Sun Labs‘ tanning solution at home and I love it, but I’d like to get a big “body-sized” airbrush machine like this one day to go with it.


How cool are these grooming scissors in the shape of a crane?!

One booth was selling these latex corsets that “help slim you into an hourglass shape.” Unfortunately, I need a lot more than some latex to help me in that area. Also, it smelled funny. And I stopped wearing corsets in 2006 after I moved away from Las Vegas and had no need to go to night clubs anymore.

Eco Scents has a great line of soy-based wax that melts into their cute lamps. It’s so moisturizing that you can actually use it on your skin after it melts to liquid!

Chantal and I couldn’t resist the sparkly tattoos at Glittertainment’s booth. I shoved her into the chair to get a demonstration. What I really liked about their product was that unlike other glitter tattoo brands, they use an adhesive stencil then fill it in with a non-latex, hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested body glue. Once the glue is tacky, they adhere the super sparkly loose glitters on with a brush. All of the other brands I have looked into have stencils that come with glue on them, which is weird and may cause you to have a reaction.

A cute green star that lasts up to five days! Don’t worry, the redness around the star went down 30 seconds after she was done. It was just from peeling the stencil off.

A huge trend we noticed at Be Well were Himalayan Salt Crystals. There must have been an entire aisle of vendors selling just that! Not only does Himalayan Salt come in small sprinkles to put on your food, but you can also purchase a huge rock of it with a lamp warmer inside. The sales people were telling me that the pink rock emits negative ions, cleaning the air in whichever room you have it in. I thought this was an…interesting concept. I guess I can’t knock it till I try it though!

I wish I had bought some of these Himalayan Salt Crystal soaps though. They smelled SO yummy!

The maker of Big Sexy Hair has come out with another hair line! This one is called Rock Your Hair and it’s basically the sexier, younger sister to BSH. The line includes everything from dry shampoo powder to styling products and the packaging is just too freaking cool. Happy hot pink bottles with glittery hearts! Rock Your Hair is currently only available to professionals and salons, but will be available to the public sometime in the future. Let’s hope for sooner rather than later!

We also noticed another progression of dietary tea booths (which I being of Middle Eastern decent, had no problem with. Bring on the green, patchouli, white, english and herbals!) We drank every sample of every flavor of tea we could find. I’ve always been a huge supporter of tea and a believer of its benefits. It tastes good, flushes you out, all-natural and just darn good for you!

My new favorite makeup remover wipes by Cala. $3 for a pack of 30 and they smell SO amazing! Ahhhhh….. You can find these online or if you are in the L.A. area, Naimie’s sells them in several different scents.

Here are those darn Himalayan salts again. I just love the packaging though! I wish I could have bought some, I would have loved to make a home-made body scrub out of these with some avocados.

I’m not sure what these bracelets are called, but they are all the rage these days. So sparkly and pretty!

Here’s something I did end up buying: Bon Bliss Mini Solid Hand Scrub in Lotus Blossom & Sea Salt. The smell is really what lured me in, then I stayed for the cool concept. Each one of these little sugar-and-salt cubes is packed with butters and oils that leave your skin soft and exfoliated. I LOVE these little candy-shaped darlings so much! They are great for travel or at home with their single-use packaging. You wet your hands, pinch the cube between your fingers and rub all over. One cube will work for both hands, or a pair of tired, barking feet. So innovative! I want more NOW.

I also took home some of Mouna de Laine‘s Argan Oil, for Hair as well as the one for Skin and Nails. I loved this product so much that I’m going to do a separate post on it later!

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  4. The expo was so so much fun! I left with lots of samples and a few items I did buy including as shown above – the Bon Bliss (3 tins/$20). Can’t wait for next year!

  5. The show was so so much fun! I bought a few things – one shown above is the Bon Bliss (3 tins for $20). The scents are great & the lasting feeling is wonderful. Can’t wait until next year!

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