The Ultimate Women’s Expo: October 27-28

If you thought my Be Well Expo trip was a good time, just WAIT until I get to the Ultimate Women’s Expo! According to the website, “The Ultimate Women’s Expo is the nation’s largest event designed for active women, featuring over 600 local, regional and national exhibitors each weekend of the Expo that provide products and services designed for women, their home and their family.”

Vendors range from shopping, travel, fashion, food, entertainment and cosmetics: so basically everything us girls are interested in. There will be wine tasting and samples to take home, and pampering services like spa massages and manicures. There will also be celebrity guest speakers. So grab your girlfriends and get to this show! I’m going to the Los Angeles show on Sunday, October 28th, and this show is also coming to Houston, Georgia, Dallas and Chicago. Click on the link above to find dates.

The good news is that most of the shows are offering BOGO prices. I bought 4 tickets for the price of one on Bloomspot but hurry, this offer will only run for five more days. Check out who just SOME of the exhibitors will be below….

Hope to see you there!

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