Calvin Klein Steps Up His Makeup Game with CK One Color

Excuse me while my heart leaps tall buildings in a single bound, because nothing delights me more than discovering a new makeup line. Guess who finally came out with one? Calvin Klein. About time, right? In fact, I kind of thought he already did have a makeup line to accompany his fragrances and fashion empire. Anywho, I came across his line at Ulta while perusing gifts for my cousin’s birthday. I’ll admit, I’m always drawn to fun and bright packaging so I almost missed it. The sales girl there steered me in the right direction and showed me CK One Color.

CK One Color, which launched earlier this year has a special concept. The approach behind the products is that everything is “dual,” or has more than one use to it. The quality of the products is decent; I’d say MAC/Makeup For Ever- level, and the pricing is middle of the road, as far as makeup goes. Let’s get into some of my favorites from this line.

CK One Color Mascara: $18

This mascara simply blew my mind. It has an adjustable mascara brush that creates customized looks and simplifies application with a quick twist of the cap. One twist will lengthen, another twist will thicken. And it comes in lots of fun colors, not just black!

CK One Color Mousse Concealer” $20

This dermatologist-tested concealer feels fluffy to the touch and gives a medium-to-full coverage. Perfect for all skin types, especially those of us with lines. The air-whipped quality of the concealer floats above wrinkles as opposed to sinking in and making them look worse. Taking long-wearing to another level, this concealer lasts up to nine hours! Use it with a warm finger and pat gently onto dark circles and imperfections.

3-In-1 Face Makeup SPF 8 Oil-Free: $30

The name really says it all. This foundation combines serum, primer and face makeup in one liquid, cutting your getting-ready time almost in half. It has a natural finish (which means not dewy and not matte, just somewhere in between.) This is great for skin of all ages. The serum nourishes skin with Vitamins A, C and E, the primer provides shine control and makes your makeup last for up to 11 hours, and the face makeup is a medium coverage that adjusts to your skin tone. The only thing that would make this foundation better is a higher SPF (30 and above provides the best protection for all skin shades).

Where to find it: For now, CK One Color is offered exclusively through ULTA stores and online at

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