Tips & Tricks: Fuller-looking Lashes

Hi dolls,

About a month ago, I made a routine trip to Ulta in West Hollywood, where makeup expert Thera Der-Gevorgian overheard me geeking out over the Calvin Klein makeup line and came over to help. I love talking to other artists and asking them for their own remedies and tips– that’s what’s so great about the beauty world: there is always room to learn! She was kind of enough to share with me her beauty secret to making lashes appear fuller. Want to know what it is?

“I add a little concealer and dust some face powder on my lashes before applying mascara,” Thera said. “The extra product on the lash hairs beef up the texture and the mascara locks it in place.”

This was my very own Oprah-esque “aha!” moment. Thera told me she simply adds the leftover concealer from her fingers/brush after covering dark circles right onto her lashes, and sweeps a bit of face powder over them with a brush after finishing her face. Then she tops it off with a coat of black mascara and she’s done.

This is a great way to beef up your lashes with minimal effort.

Check my step-by-step pic below to see the results:


Catch Thera on her Facebook for more tips and tricks!


New Year’s Eve Makeup: Sparkly Smoky Eyes

I hope everyone’s holiday season went well and you were all with your loved ones. This was our first “married” holiday season, so we really made an effort to be with both sides of the family. We went to Big Bear Lake with my folks and sister, then swung down to Orange County to be with my in laws. Busy busy busy!

I feel like everything’s been going by really fast since Christmas ended. Can you believe New Year’s Eve is tomorrow night?! If you are looking for makeup inspiration for the first night of 2013, look no further.

Sparkly Smoky Eyes 1




Click to watch how to recreate sparkly smoky eye tutorial

5 Minute Date Photo Shoot


Thanks for stopping by my blog today peeps! I have something very special to share with you. I got to be a part of a beautiful vintage-modern style photo shoot last month that my good friend Debra Meadows of Purple Meadows Events put together, along with talented wedding vendors Alyona Fedorenko of AnokiArt Photography, Kerim Albanes of My Wedding Blooms, Alicia Rohan of A&P Designs and Emilee Sutherland of Tasteful Tatters.

This styled shoot was based off a “How I Met Your Mother” episode in which the lead character Ted invites a girl to a 2 Minute Date during her lunch break at the office (Season 3, Episode 13.) Click here to watch the clip. Here’s a few photos from our shoot, featuring real-life couple Kevin Barrett and Laura Steigers.






Could you swoon?! So happy I got to be a part of this. For more photos, check out AnokiArt Photography’s Facebook album HERE.


Photography: Alyona Fedorenko,
Event Stylist: Debra Meadows of Purple Meadows Events,
Makeup: Christine Redmon,
Paper Goods,Stationery: Alicia Rohan,
Flowers: Kerim Albanes,
Vintage Rentals: Emilee Sutherland,
Models: Laura M. Steigers and Kevin Barrett
Photographer’s assistant: Victor Mueller

Announcing the Winner + Violent Lips

I’m pleased to announce that Janet Medina (a fan from my Facebook page) won my first Youtube giveaway! Thank you for everyone who entered. It was so  nice to get to know all of you online. I hope that my tutorials are useful to you and if you ever have a request, please do let me know, I’ll be happy to help!

Speaking of tutorials, you will notice in the first video that I’m wearing a peculiar pink leopard pattern on my lips. This is a product from Violent Lips.


I myself was a lucky winner of their Twitter giveaway a couple of weeks back and received these lovely pink leopard lip tattoos. I’d definitely seen and heard of Violent Lips, but was always intimidated by the product. In the video below, you’ll watch me try them on for the very first time. I rarely practice my looks before I film them, and this Violent Lips application was no exception. Click below to watch the easy steps on lip tattoo application, then head over to their website to check out all the ombre, pattern and glittery options!

PRICE: $14.95 gets you three lip appliques (bringing the cost of each to just under $5. Not bad!)

Violent Lips puts the fun back into makeup. These babies can last up to six hours and according to many VL wearers, you can kiss, drink and eat with them on.

DIY Natural Sugar Body Scrub

Happy December beauty friends! Today I am back with another do-it-yourself recipe, and this time it’s for your very own all-natural sugar body scrub. I’m totally giving these away as Christmas gifts this year. This is a great gift for men or women.

DIY Sugar Scrub Photo

The Benefits: Using a body scrub is essential for the winter months. Cold weather is harsh on your skin and tends to make skin super flaky. What body scrub does is slough off the dead skin cells off the top layer of your skin and hydrate the new layer of skin underneath.

How to Use:  The best way to use a body scrub is in the shower on clean skin. The hot water will open up your pores and allow the scrub to penetrate further. Take a small amount with your hands and massage the sugar granules into your skin. Your legs and arms will thank you! Rinse off and pat dry with a towel. You probably won’t even need lotion afterwards.

You Will Need:

Mason Jars or something to put the scrub in (old spaghetti sauce jars work too)

Turbindo Sugar. It sounds difficult to find but it’s just really big granules of brown sugar and is sold at every grocery store on the planet. It’s in the cake aisle.

Almond Oil

Essential Oil of your choice. I chose Jasmine for my recipe because I wanted a flowery scent, but most people like Vanilla or Orange.

The Steps:

Combine 1 cup of Turbindo Sugar with 1/2 cup Almond Oil and 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil. Mix together and pour into the jars. Done!

Click to watch me make a few below: