Tips & Tricks: Fuller-looking Lashes

Hi dolls,

About a month ago, I made a routine trip to Ulta in West Hollywood, where makeup expert Thera Der-Gevorgian overheard me geeking out over the Calvin Klein makeup line and came over to help. I love talking to other artists and asking them for their own remedies and tips– that’s what’s so great about the beauty world: there is always room to learn! She was kind of enough to share with me her beauty secret to making lashes appear fuller. Want to know what it is?

“I add a little concealer and dust some face powder on my lashes before applying mascara,” Thera said. “The extra product on the lash hairs beef up the texture and the mascara locks it in place.”

This was my very own Oprah-esque “aha!” moment. Thera told me she simply adds the leftover concealer from her fingers/brush after covering dark circles right onto her lashes, and sweeps a bit of face powder over them with a brush after finishing her face. Then she tops it off with a coat of black mascara and she’s done.

This is a great way to beef up your lashes with minimal effort.

Check my step-by-step pic below to see the results:


Catch Thera on her Facebook for more tips and tricks!

2 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks: Fuller-looking Lashes

  1. That was gross! What did that ugly fiendish thing have to do with makeup and/or your career as an artist. I think it was a total downer.

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