Golden Globes 2013 Makeup- Best & Worst

Award season is upon us, and the first one was last night’s Golden Globes. I decided to skip the actual show, although I heard that Amy Poehler and Tina Fey did a great job hosting. I am sorry to say that this time around, there were a lot more “worsts” than “bests” when it came to beauty looks.

Let’s start with the good news.

JULIANNE HOUGHWhoever did her makeup really played her eyes up. Julianne’s brows are perfectly filled in and the smoky gold/brown eyes really compliment her piercing blue eyes. I love the flawlessly airbrushed-looking foundation and liquid gold/nude gloss. PERF!

Julianne Hough

JENNIFER LOPEZ- I don’t even know why she was there, but she killed it. Head. To. Toe. Much like Julianne, JLo’s brows really framed her face. No one can pull off dewy skin like JLo. Her almond-shaped eyes were accentuated by an angled smoky eye- see the black shadow coming upwards in the corners? Instant glam. And with so much going on, her makeup artist wisely chose to keep the lips a simple peachy nude.  Jlo

JESSICA ALBA– Jessica’s makeup artist used all Hourglass primers and foundations to give Jessica’s skin that soft-focus look. I’m obsessed with the size and shape of her brows- strong brows make for gorgeous women! And that pop of matte orange lipstick against her shiny dress and shimmering diamonds is the icing on the cake. WOW!jessica alba

HALLE BERRY- the never-ending fountain of youth herself. What I love about Halle is that she doesn’t seem to be doing any Botox or fillers to her face. She is letting her fine lines around the eyes show and truth be told, they just make her look sexier. Talk about aging gracefully! I love the sparkly brown smoky eye look with her deep dark eyes. Here, it’s important to note that her makeup artist gave her natural, not nude, lips. Nude would have looked like chalk (think Jersey Shore). To achieve this look, pick a brownish lip liner that is a tad darker than your skin tone and fill in the outer corners of your lips as well as all around. Then fill with a lipstick in your skin tone. Halle Berry

Ok…it was inevitable. Get ready, here’s my list of the worst beauty looks of the night.

NICOLE RICHIE- Nicole is a beautiful girl, but she just got swallowed up by that blue eyeshadow. There is just something about this look that’s unfinished, and I have a feeling it’s the eyebrows. If only they were a bit thicker, this retro makeup look might have worked. With no bold brows to frame her face, Nicole’s eyeballs look lost and out of place. I would also have liked to see some depth in the crease with a warm matte brown.


SOPHIA VERGARA– There’s no question that Sophia’s a gorgeous woman with an amazing figure, and her makeup is actually not too bad. This is a classic case of forgetting to wax her eyebrows. Click on this picture to make it bigger. WOAH, right? Unfortunately this seems to be a trend with Miss Sophia, as she almost never has those brows groomed. If I could, I would take some off the front of her brows, there are too close together, border-lining on unibrow. And a quick clean-up with the tweezer under her arch. Done. sofiavergara

Kaley Cuoco– Sigh. Another beautiful girl victimized by the makeup brush. Some bloggers thought the smoky eyes were too much with the vampy lips. I actually don’t mind that. She’s got gorgeous green peepers framed by black smudgy liner, and it looks decent. The lips bother me because it’s a glossy vamp color, giving the illusion that it’s smeared and messy. I only do dark lips one way: MATTE. Kaley would have looked like the smoldering vixen she is if only her lips were kept opaque and matte. There is too much shimmer going on here with her cheeks and lips, on top of smudgy-black eyeliner. And the hair ain’t helping, either. KaleyCuoco

JESSICA CHASTAIN– Oye, those dry, chapped faded lips. Someone get this poor girl some Vaseline.jessicachastain

JENNIFER LAWRENCE– Where the hell are her lips?! Seriously, a touch up couldn’t have killed whoever was in charge of her?JenniferLawrence

LUCY LIU– So, I guess Lucy decided to skip makeup for the Golden Globes. And threw her hair in a quick braid. She must have had better things to do.70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

CLAIRE DANES- Okay, now I’m getting upset. Claire Danes doesn’t deserve this smeared, sweaty black shadow that is creasing everywhere and that horribly over drawn and equally sweaty lip.Clairedanes

Well, that’s all folks. I’m planning on doing a makeup tutorial on one of the “best” looks. Which one would you like to see?

2 thoughts on “Golden Globes 2013 Makeup- Best & Worst

  1. Oh. My. Gosh…. you crack me up! Love your reviews. You nailed it. Jessica Alba was my favorite and l LOVED her lipstick.

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