4 Ways To Make Your Lips Stand Out

Often times we are so enamored with interesting eye makeup, we forget to get creative with our lips. If you are looking for a new way to wear your lips to the office or out with your friends, peep the four fun options below!

Wearable Ombre



Want to try the ombre lip but afraid of the crazy colors? Pick two lip liners that are in the same shade range. For example, a plum and a pink. Trace the outer corners of your lips with the darker lip liner and blend inwards with a brush. Trace the center of both top and bottom lips with the pink liner and fill them in. Top the whole thing off with a sheer lipstick in the same color range and voila: wearable ombre.

Plush Mouth



Exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub (make your own with vaseline and turbindo sugar!). This will swell up your lips and make them look “plump.” Line and fill them in with a lip pencil of your choice and top off with a lipstick of the same color. Here’s the magic: Take a white or ivory colored eye pencil and trace above your cupid’s bow, blend it in gently. This small bit of highlighter will make your lips look fuller.

Lip Cleavage



Change the shape of your lips by laying down a powder all the way around your mouth first. Then line with a bold lip pencil in whatever shape you want. I chose to make my cupid’s bow pointy-er.  Fill in with a matte lipstick. Done!

Glossy Pout



Pick a bold color, like a creamy orange or red lipstick, then layer a clear (or close to clear) gloss on top, only on the center of the lower lip. Instant patent-leather shine!

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