Grammys 2013 Best & Worst Beauty Looks

I’m too impatient to DVR the Grammys, but don’t you hate watching them live? I wish there was a way we could pick and choose which live performance we could skip, that would save me at least two hours in the evening, ha ha!

The singing beauties came in their tightest, most sequin-ey outfits and wowed us all. I’m sure you’ve all seen the gowns, so let’s take a closer view at the beauty looks.


I feel like everytime J.Lo goes on the red carpet, an angel gets its wings. She’s a massive star and has access to the best makeup and hair people money can buy. If I threw my hair up in a tight, unforgiving bun I would look like an Angry Bird, but of course J. Lo knocks it out of the park. I am obsessed with the the eyeliner! J.Lo’s artist most likely used a waterproof black gel liner like Inglot’s Matte Eyeliner with a pointed. thin brush like NYX’s Eyeliner Brush.  TIP:  Rest your pinky finger against your cheek, it will act as an anchor and provide a steady hand for this flawless look. Add an ivory pencil in your waterline and keep everything else natural- that’s why this “crazy eyeliner” works so well.


BEST RED LIPS: Beyonce, Janelle Monet and Rihanna- YOU PICK!

I came across these three song birds in my online quest for best makeup, and I couldn’t decide who rocked the red lip look the best. They all wore it with such grace! Red lipstick will always make you step your game up. It boosts your confidence, and you can really see that in their faces. Beyonce went with a semi-sheer pinkish-red lip. Miss Monet wore a juicy cherry pout, and Rih-Rih went with a matte orange-red. The possibilities are endless!



Someone needs to make her aware of the first rule of wearing braces, which we all learned in the 7th grade: smile with your mouth closed. I don’t mind the nude lip or natural makeup, I just wish she would have went with a smokier eye, with bigger lashes- it would have taken the attention away from the metal mouth. A little contouring would have been nice, too. Seems like she was in a hurry.



To be fair, Carly is still a newbie and is experimenting with her makeup looks.  The messy dark navy in her crease and silver sparkles under the eyes make her look like your typical middle-schooler. I actually think I have photos of myself wearing this exact same makeup at thirteen. No blush, contouring or lip color make her look like a teenager in adult’s clothes. And I love her bangs, but like car accidents on the 405, they’re always in the way. This girl has so much potential and just needs some time to grow into her glam.

Carly rae Jepsen


What’s not to love about Kerli’s futuristic eye art? I don’t even care that she looks like a cross between Sailor Moon and Lady Gaga. She’s down right adorable.


Ok, the only reason I allowed Jack White to come to the Grammys looking like Edward Cullen is because he’s one of those musical prodigy-crazy-geniuses. Pasty skin and intentional dark circles? Do whatever you want, bro. You’re freaking cool.


Who rocked your boat at the Grammys? Let me know which one of these looks you guys would like to see in a tutorial in the comments below. It can be someone not mentioned here as well!

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