Oscars 2013 Beauty Round-Up


Award season went by fast, didn’t it? Like prom is to seniors, the stars came out one last time for the biggest night of their lives: The Oscars. Let’s have a look at their beauty choices….


I’m giving her the Never Looked Better award. The deep side part and retro waves is truly a good look for her. Her makeup is reflective of her persona: fresh and easy going.

Reese Witherspoon


I’m giving her Best Beauty Look of the Night. The pale gold shimmer on her lids goes great with her milky skin and the lips, finally! Hydrated appropriately in a creamy cherry red lipstick. Her beauty is beyond words in this look.JessicaC


When Shimmery Makeup Happens to Good People. I’ve seen this happen to many friends and starlets, and I must say, it’s a tricky thing. Just like light and dark, you must mix shimmers and mattes. All shimmer frost eye shadows on the eyes, plus a glowy, borderline-greasy foundation application with a glittery lip gloss makes for an oily complexion. Zoe’s beauty is buried behind too much shine. She could have done with the shimmery lips if she kept her skin and eyes matte.Zoe


Queen Latifah walked down the red carpet rocking the coolest fucshia-pink lip gloss I’ve ever seen, it looks like patent leather! She balanced out the bright mouth with smoky eyes in a neutral palette. The only thing that would have made this look any better would have been some eyebrows. The “No-Eyebrow Look” has been making its rounds this awards season, and to be honest, I’m not a fan. However here, it doesn’t bother me so much. Queen


Her skin looks flawless, and let’s face it, she’s gorgeous with or without a team of hair and makeup artists. If you zoom in on this photo, you will see that the thick gray liner/shadow is different on each eye. The mascara application is a little hurried, it’s clumpy in some areas and wonky in others. This beauty look seems like it was done in a rush. I would have liked to see her wearing some fierce eyelashes to complete it. Salma


I’m giving this golden girl Best Beauty Look For Someone Who Has No Real Reason To Be At The Oscars. Clooney’s girlfriend du jour has never looked better. Her brows are softly filled in with what looks to be some blonde-colored eye shadow and an angle brush. Her skin is glowing in all the right places and the lashes perfect this natural glowing beauty.StaceyK


Per usual, Halle looks fantastic. And per usual, she stuck with her cool short crop and a neutral makeup palette with nude lips. Sigh. I guess we can’t mess with perfection. The only thing missing here folks, and you guessed it, is some eye brow action. Let’s fill those suckers in!Halle


My goodness those lips are parched! This happens a lot to nude lipstick-wearing victims. A simple way to avoid that chalky chapped look is to layer your nude lipstick with a shimmery gloss close to your skin tone. The sparkles with give your lips some life. It also doesn’t hurt to use some lip balm before you begin your makeup for the night…jeez! Ginniferc


Goddess, goddess, goddess. From her cropped and textured ‘do to the perfect application of her blush and contour, Charlize nailed it. I have a feeling though that this has more to do with her perfect freaking face and less with any makeup artist’s talent. Dior’s spokesmodel just happens to have the most perfect measurements and proportions.  Charlize


This is her best look of the awards season. I’m giving this one the Best Soft-Focus Beauty of the evening. Everything is so gently blended, from her softly lined eyes, fluttering lashes to the porcelain skin and pinky-nude lips. Props to her makeup artist! And thank you for remembering her eyebrows.



Harsh dot com. I’m usually a fan of Kelly’s fashion risks, but this beauty look was just too hard to look at. I think what really went wrong here are the fake lower lashes with the white eye liner in her waterline. It looks uncomfortable and creates crinkles  and shadow under her eyes. I always recommend to my clients to leave their lower lashes alone. Don’t add falsies down there, and don’t apply mascara to your lower lashes…ever. It draws attention to your delicate (and sometimes wrinkly) under eye area and casts shadows, making you look tired and old. Unfortunately for Kelly, this look really ages her.KellyO


She’s just so pretty, it’s ridiculous. This simple makeup looks great on her. Soft, grey smoky eyes with cheeks and lips in peach, framed with perfect brows. No one looked sweeter than she did on this big night.KerryW

Which beauty looks did you love and which did you hate? Let me know in the comments below!


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