New Products From Lush!

For all you Lush-aholics and bath lovers, I’ll be showing you some fun new items I got to try out on a recent trip to the Universal City Walk location of Lush.

If you are new to Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, they are an eco-friendly and cruelty-free line of bath, shower, face, hair and body products. They pride themselves on everything being made from scratch. Most of the products are all natural and they even carry vegan options! Many “organic”  or “all natural” products can seem like they are lacking, however Lush’s products always look, smell and feel fantastic while also being good for you. I bought my first bath bomb in 2008 and haven’t stopped since. Okay, enough chit-chat, let’s check ’em out!

Willow Pattern

I adore their bar soaps. My favorite way to use them is to rub them onto my wet loofah in the shower until it starts to lather up. Willow Pattern is a very creamy soap made with rose and emollients. This is perfect for someone with very dry skin or those suffering from eczema (raises hand). It’s gentle but still leave you feeling so fresh and so clean!


BIG Solid Conditioner

I’m a huge fan of using coconut oil for beauty purposes, so when I saw that it was a main ingredient in Lush’s newest hair conditioner, I lit up. Lush has these innovative SOLID shampoos and conditioners that are great for travel and at home. Just a couple of swipes through your hair– a little bit goes a long way! The combination of sea salt and coconut oil will add a ton of shine to your ‘do while also giving you major, “BIG” volume!


Let The Good Times Roll Facial Cleanser

How about that awesome name?  Or the equally rad description of the ingredients? They are so witty over at Lush. If you are looking for an vegan face exfoliator, this product is for you. With ingredients like Maize Flour, Corn Oil and Fair Trade Cinnamon Powder you will love this popcorn-y flavored (yes, it tastes good!) treat. image(2)

BUMMER ALERT: These items are limited so be sure to swoop them before they sell out!

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