MANi-Pedi: Men’s Edition

This one’s for the men! It has recently come to my attention that most men do not know how to properly take care of their feet. While more men are going in for pedicures than every before (insert collective sigh of relief here), most are still lacking in the at-home maintenance department. And I don’t blame them- it’s not like they give a class in college on this stuff.

Men, stay with me on this post and I’ll walk you through some simple things you can do at home to get- and keep- your feet approachable.mens-grooming-hands--feet

1) Scrub a Dub-dub (Weekly)

I know it’s a pain to reach all the way down to your toes in that cramped shower stall, but I promise it will be worth it. Invest in an inexpensive foot brush like the one below from Eco Tools (any drugstore chain will carry this or similar items). Squirt a little shower gel on the wet brush and scrub the tops, bottoms and the “in-betweens” of your toes. This will not only ensure your feet’s cleanliness but will exfoliate and lift off any dead skin that’s been sitting on your tootsies for God knows-how-long. Get your heels too while you’re down there. Feels nice, doesn’t it?

Eco Tools Bamboo Foot Brush $3.99

Now use the pumice side of your brush (or purchase a pumice stone separately) and rub this back and forth against the balls and heels of your feet to remove tough calluses. If they don’t come off all the way you can try buffing them again after your shower with semi-dry feet.

2) The Scoop-N-Scrape (Bi-Monthly)

Immediately after your shower, pat your feet dry with a towel and get down to business. It’s important to do this right after you get out so your cuticles (a.k.a. the dry skin around your toe nails) are soft and easy to trim and remove. Use the spoon end of a Cuticle Remover (peep the photo below) to gently push down and back on each toenail to remove that dry crust that’s been sittinecg on top. Use the pointy end of the Cuticle Remover to scrape under each nail to remove what I call the “Sock Lint Bunnies.”

Ulta Cuticle Pusher, $12

3) Clip & File (Bi-Monthly)

Everyone knows how to clip your toe nails. But don’t stop there. File those ragged edges down to avoid snaring your socks, your bed sheets or a possible sleepover buddy. You may laugh, but it happens!

You may want to get a pedicure kit, which includes all the tools you will need for presentable feet. This one from Amazon is going for $16.35!

Body Tools Deluxe Mani-Pedi Kit, $16.35
Body Tools Deluxe Mani-Pedi Kit, $16.35

4) Lotion (Daily)

Nothing beats a long day like taking a hot shower, slathering your barking dogs in lotion and hitting the sheets. Lotion will moisturize your feet and keep them in tip-top shape, helping your MAN-i-Pedi last longer. I always suggest doing the lotion routine at night right before bed. You’ll wake up with soft amazing feet! My favorite foot lotions include peppermint as an ingredient. Try this one from Lush, it will keep odors away!

Fair Trade Foot Lotion
Lush Fair Trade Foot Lotion

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