A Lesson in Kiehl’s

I’ve always been a little intimidated of Kiehl’s skincare products. I walk past the pharmacy-esque store and never go in. Something about the white lab coats the skincare experts wear and all the medical-looking bottles just makes me feel like I don’t belong.


As a beauty blogger, it’s my job to know every brand out there.I started out slowly by signing up to Kiehl’s website alerts. I was impressed with the quality and ingredients of the products, but was slightly overwhelmed– there’s so many different collections! Which one is right for dry, oily and combo skin? Can you mix and match?

Last week, with a sense of duty, I strode into the Beverly Hills location of Kiehl’s to dive into this well-known brand that has been around since 1851. And I’m SO glad I did. A lab coat-wearing lady with glowing skin approached me and we chatted about a few of the collections. Here’s a recap of the things I took home and tried.


The Midnight Recovery Concentrate

What it is: This lightweight water-free serum is made with a combination of pure essential oils and botanicals. It works with your skin’s nocturnal schedule of healing so you wake up with healthy, glowing skin.

Ingredients: Squalene, Evening Primrose Oil and Lavender Oil.

Skin Type: This product is recommended for all skin types, including oily because it helps re-balance the natural sebum of an oilier skin type. That being said, use a very small, minimal amount of this product to keep from looking greasy.


Midnight Recovery Eye
Midnight Recovery Eye

What it is: This nighttime eye treatment feels like butter. It reduces lines, puffiness and dark circles with the same ingredients as the Midnight Recovery Concentrate plus Butcher’s Broom (a tree shrub chock full of powerful antioxidants) and good old H2O. The non-migrating cream texture ensures the product stays exactly where you put it, so it won’t irritate your eyes. I suggest patting this product onto the orbal bone of your eye.

Ingredients: Squalene, Evening Primrose Oil, Lavender Oil and Butcher’s Broom.

Skin Type: All skin types! And I stand behind that recommendation. This will rehydrate dry skin and firm up oily textures.


Vitamin C
Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate

What it is: This powerful water and oil-free  serum is formulated with 10.5%  pure Vitamin C. That’s right, the same Vitamin C that boosts your immune system also exfoliates your skin while feeding antioxidants to your skin. Vitamin C is known to promote collagen production as well as brightens and smoothes the skin. It also helps reduce skin damage caused by factors like sun exposure and pollution. YES PLEASE! 

Use this morning and evening (underneath makeup too) to protect your skin and reduce your lines. The serum heats up when applied because it reacts to the water in your skin- that’s how you know it’s working! According to my Kiehl’s skin care expert, Vitamin C is the best thing you can do for your skin. I am in absolute love with this product. My skin has looked brighter and felt smoother every since I started using it. Well worth the price!

Ingredients: Vitamin C of course!

Skin Type: This product is recommended for all skin types and should be used as the first part of any skin care routine. Use it day and night to fight wrinkles and feed your skin!

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