Best Lip Plumping Products

Move over, lip injections and those crazy Instagramers who were bruising their lips on glass cups just to make their lips look bigger! Thanks to Kylie Jenner, pouty and juicy lips are all the rage and women everywhere are scrambling to get into doctor’s offices to join in on the fun. If you aren’t quite ready for the pain of needles in your lips or the sheer cost, then read below for cheaper and pain-free options that will save your wallet and your lips!


Cynthia Rowland Luscious Lips, $49.95

This lip plumping device is a manual vacuum that gently pulls blood to the surface of your lips, increasing their volume and size. You use this tool daily in the beginning and eventually your lips will only need to be “plumped” once a week to maintain their juicy new state! It’s very important to use this tool the way it’s intended and not rush into the “advanced” stage. Click HERE for specific instructions on a video on Cynthia’s site. This tool is a great alternative to painful collagen injections and even helps reduce fine lines around the mouth. It’s also safe and affordable.

Cynthia Rowland luscious-lips

Before and after


Smashbox O-Plump Intuitive Lip Plumper, $25

O-PLUMP is an intuitive lip plumper that goes on clear and then reacts with your personal chemistry to turn lips your own custom shade of pink, while instantly plumping to perfection. It’s packed with Smashbox’s exclusive Goji Berry-C Complex™, Gingermint, ginkgo biloba, pomegranate seed antioxidants, revitalizing marine botanicals and nourishing avocado oil for color and shine. If you read reviews on this product you will find that women love that the gloss isn’t sticky, it doesn’t sting on the lips, and it actually helps moisturize. This product comes in one color only that reacts to your natural lip pigment, going on clear then turning the perfect shade of pink.

best-lip-plumpers-o-plump-intuitive-lip-plumper Laura Mercier Lip Plumper, $30

This lip plumping gloss includes an infusion of unique ingredients that penetrate skin, stimulate collagen production and beneficially smooth the lip surface. A refreshing, cooling effect builds up over 20 minutes to plump lips, lasting up to two hours. Lip Plumper adds a slight tint to the lips for natural looking lips that are perfectly pouty and kissable. The fact that this product is currently out of stock on the Laura Mercier website speaks volumes on its popularity. It comes in five shimmery shades.

best-lip-plumpers-laura-mercier Dior Addict Lip Maximizer, $31

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer moisturizes lips and gives an instant-volume effect for full, plump lips. Its mint-vanilla scent provides an even more addictive fresh sensation. Use as a base to prime, smooth and boost lip volume before adding color, or over lipstick for a touch of shine and a plumping effect. For intensive lip care, it can be used alone as a 15-day treatment applied daily in the morning before makeup or in the evening. This product comes in one color that enhances your lip color with the slightest hint of pink, and many reviewers stand by its claim.


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