Met Gala Punk Makeup

Beauty Lovers,

I don’t usually cover the Met Gala but this year’s “Punk” theme blew me away. It was so nice to see otherwise predictable celebrities step into avant-garde makeup and hair! Here are some of my favorites from the evening. Oh, and I’m keeping these photos ginormous because I really want you guys to see the art that took place for each look.

Emmy Rossum

She looks like an Egyptian goddess. This look really works for her because A) the smoky eyes were done in a matte brown shade and B) the lips were kept nude. Her makeup artist most likely used the scotch-tape method to achieve that sharp angled shadow line. Instead of following her naturally-rounded brow he/she extended it towards the temples in the same angle as the shadow. Bravissimo! The braided, twisted updo is dope too. I’d probably wear that to the grocery store. No, seriously.

Emmy Rossum

Rooney Mara

Rooney played up her pale skin and inky black hair with strong brows and an aubergine lip. This lipstick trend isn’t going away anytime soon, folks. Every fall 2013 runway featured a dark purple/black lip like this, and surprisingly, it’s very wearable for all skin tones. The trick is to leave the eyes and cheeks bare, just like Rooney.


Kristen Stewart

KStew, even with her awkwardness, really brought it to the Met. This is probably the best I’ve ever seen her look. She pulls off androgyny well in this red lacy pantsuit, slicked back hair and burgundy smoky eyes. The red shade is a complimentary shade for her beautiful green peepers, bringing them front and center. Not-so-fun-fact: Most people have skin allergies to red pigment and can’t wear it, me being one of them. I hope her eyes weren’t swollen and itchy after this.


Dakota Fanning

I am the most excited about this look. Dakota pleasantly surprised me by taking a major makeup risk and It. Looks. Bomb. Her makeup artist highlighted the inner and bottom lids with a shimmering white pencil, then added disconnected angles in the inner corners with a liquid liner. He attached V-shaped liquid liner to the outer corners of her eyes. I just love the starkness of the angles against her clean skin. So little, and yet so much.


Ginnifer Goodwin

I don’t even care that she is wearing black eye shadow up to her eyebrows. This is freaking cool! What seems to be in homage to Cleopatra a’ la Liz Taylor, Ginnifer’s makeup artist created a “window” on each eye lid and kept all the color inside. Black and greenish-gold shadows were used to create this look. How perfect is this punk makeup look with her dress? I’m obsessed.


Oscars 2013 Beauty Round-Up


Award season went by fast, didn’t it? Like prom is to seniors, the stars came out one last time for the biggest night of their lives: The Oscars. Let’s have a look at their beauty choices….


I’m giving her the Never Looked Better award. The deep side part and retro waves is truly a good look for her. Her makeup is reflective of her persona: fresh and easy going.

Reese Witherspoon


I’m giving her Best Beauty Look of the Night. The pale gold shimmer on her lids goes great with her milky skin and the lips, finally! Hydrated appropriately in a creamy cherry red lipstick. Her beauty is beyond words in this look.JessicaC


When Shimmery Makeup Happens to Good People. I’ve seen this happen to many friends and starlets, and I must say, it’s a tricky thing. Just like light and dark, you must mix shimmers and mattes. All shimmer frost eye shadows on the eyes, plus a glowy, borderline-greasy foundation application with a glittery lip gloss makes for an oily complexion. Zoe’s beauty is buried behind too much shine. She could have done with the shimmery lips if she kept her skin and eyes matte.Zoe


Queen Latifah walked down the red carpet rocking the coolest fucshia-pink lip gloss I’ve ever seen, it looks like patent leather! She balanced out the bright mouth with smoky eyes in a neutral palette. The only thing that would have made this look any better would have been some eyebrows. The “No-Eyebrow Look” has been making its rounds this awards season, and to be honest, I’m not a fan. However here, it doesn’t bother me so much. Queen


Her skin looks flawless, and let’s face it, she’s gorgeous with or without a team of hair and makeup artists. If you zoom in on this photo, you will see that the thick gray liner/shadow is different on each eye. The mascara application is a little hurried, it’s clumpy in some areas and wonky in others. This beauty look seems like it was done in a rush. I would have liked to see her wearing some fierce eyelashes to complete it. Salma


I’m giving this golden girl Best Beauty Look For Someone Who Has No Real Reason To Be At The Oscars. Clooney’s girlfriend du jour has never looked better. Her brows are softly filled in with what looks to be some blonde-colored eye shadow and an angle brush. Her skin is glowing in all the right places and the lashes perfect this natural glowing beauty.StaceyK


Per usual, Halle looks fantastic. And per usual, she stuck with her cool short crop and a neutral makeup palette with nude lips. Sigh. I guess we can’t mess with perfection. The only thing missing here folks, and you guessed it, is some eye brow action. Let’s fill those suckers in!Halle


My goodness those lips are parched! This happens a lot to nude lipstick-wearing victims. A simple way to avoid that chalky chapped look is to layer your nude lipstick with a shimmery gloss close to your skin tone. The sparkles with give your lips some life. It also doesn’t hurt to use some lip balm before you begin your makeup for the night…jeez! Ginniferc


Goddess, goddess, goddess. From her cropped and textured ‘do to the perfect application of her blush and contour, Charlize nailed it. I have a feeling though that this has more to do with her perfect freaking face and less with any makeup artist’s talent. Dior’s spokesmodel just happens to have the most perfect measurements and proportions.  Charlize


This is her best look of the awards season. I’m giving this one the Best Soft-Focus Beauty of the evening. Everything is so gently blended, from her softly lined eyes, fluttering lashes to the porcelain skin and pinky-nude lips. Props to her makeup artist! And thank you for remembering her eyebrows.



Harsh dot com. I’m usually a fan of Kelly’s fashion risks, but this beauty look was just too hard to look at. I think what really went wrong here are the fake lower lashes with the white eye liner in her waterline. It looks uncomfortable and creates crinkles  and shadow under her eyes. I always recommend to my clients to leave their lower lashes alone. Don’t add falsies down there, and don’t apply mascara to your lower lashes…ever. It draws attention to your delicate (and sometimes wrinkly) under eye area and casts shadows, making you look tired and old. Unfortunately for Kelly, this look really ages her.KellyO


She’s just so pretty, it’s ridiculous. This simple makeup looks great on her. Soft, grey smoky eyes with cheeks and lips in peach, framed with perfect brows. No one looked sweeter than she did on this big night.KerryW

Which beauty looks did you love and which did you hate? Let me know in the comments below!


Grammys 2013 Best & Worst Beauty Looks

I’m too impatient to DVR the Grammys, but don’t you hate watching them live? I wish there was a way we could pick and choose which live performance we could skip, that would save me at least two hours in the evening, ha ha!

The singing beauties came in their tightest, most sequin-ey outfits and wowed us all. I’m sure you’ve all seen the gowns, so let’s take a closer view at the beauty looks.


I feel like everytime J.Lo goes on the red carpet, an angel gets its wings. She’s a massive star and has access to the best makeup and hair people money can buy. If I threw my hair up in a tight, unforgiving bun I would look like an Angry Bird, but of course J. Lo knocks it out of the park. I am obsessed with the the eyeliner! J.Lo’s artist most likely used a waterproof black gel liner like Inglot’s Matte Eyeliner with a pointed. thin brush like NYX’s Eyeliner Brush.  TIP:  Rest your pinky finger against your cheek, it will act as an anchor and provide a steady hand for this flawless look. Add an ivory pencil in your waterline and keep everything else natural- that’s why this “crazy eyeliner” works so well.


BEST RED LIPS: Beyonce, Janelle Monet and Rihanna- YOU PICK!

I came across these three song birds in my online quest for best makeup, and I couldn’t decide who rocked the red lip look the best. They all wore it with such grace! Red lipstick will always make you step your game up. It boosts your confidence, and you can really see that in their faces. Beyonce went with a semi-sheer pinkish-red lip. Miss Monet wore a juicy cherry pout, and Rih-Rih went with a matte orange-red. The possibilities are endless!



Someone needs to make her aware of the first rule of wearing braces, which we all learned in the 7th grade: smile with your mouth closed. I don’t mind the nude lip or natural makeup, I just wish she would have went with a smokier eye, with bigger lashes- it would have taken the attention away from the metal mouth. A little contouring would have been nice, too. Seems like she was in a hurry.



To be fair, Carly is still a newbie and is experimenting with her makeup looks.  The messy dark navy in her crease and silver sparkles under the eyes make her look like your typical middle-schooler. I actually think I have photos of myself wearing this exact same makeup at thirteen. No blush, contouring or lip color make her look like a teenager in adult’s clothes. And I love her bangs, but like car accidents on the 405, they’re always in the way. This girl has so much potential and just needs some time to grow into her glam.

Carly rae Jepsen


What’s not to love about Kerli’s futuristic eye art? I don’t even care that she looks like a cross between Sailor Moon and Lady Gaga. She’s down right adorable.


Ok, the only reason I allowed Jack White to come to the Grammys looking like Edward Cullen is because he’s one of those musical prodigy-crazy-geniuses. Pasty skin and intentional dark circles? Do whatever you want, bro. You’re freaking cool.


Who rocked your boat at the Grammys? Let me know which one of these looks you guys would like to see in a tutorial in the comments below. It can be someone not mentioned here as well!

SAG Awards 2013 Best & Worst Beauty Looks

I don’t know how I feel about the SAG Awards. It seems like they weren’t significant until recently, and even then, it seems excessive. Aren’t the Golden Globes and Oscars enough? Regardless, the ladies on the red carpet really brought their A game. Here are my best and worst beauty look picks from the evening:


Kerry Washington

I love the silvery plum smoky eye paired with those frosty sherbert pink lips. She is an amazing beauty without makeup, so with makeup, she knocks it out of the park. How fierce are her cheekbones?


Kelly Osbourne

Kelly is very particular about her look and it shows. I really adore this lilac shade she’s been rocking, it goes so beautifully with her eyes and skin that I often forget it’s a “crazy color.” I can always appreciate the attention to detail in her makeup- her black eyeliner cat eye is always flawless and her brows are always done. This bright red lip is a lovely pop of color against her pale skin. It reminds me of Lime Crime’s Velvetine lip color in Red Velvet. Who knows, maybe that’s what she’s wearing?


Kelly Osbourne

Jaimie Alexander

I literally don’t even know who this girl is, but she is so striking! I love dark brows on porcelain skin. Her makeup is actually very natural other than the black smoke on her eyelids. Who ever did her makeup kept it close to her eyelids and didn’t blend too far up into the crease–that’s the trick to making smoky eyes look “natural.” A couple of coats of mascara really sealed the deal on this beauty look.

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals


Ready? Here comes the WORST

Nancy O’Dell

One of my biggest pet peeves is when an already youthful and beautiful woman goes overboard with the Botox. There really isn’t anything wrong with her makeup per se, but I don’t even notice it because I’m too distracted by the puffy and shiny patches all over her skin, which happens when there is too much fluid underneath the skin’s surface and it’s being stretched against its will. Doesn’t that look like it hurts?

I almost did a double take: Nancy O’Dell has turned into Nicole Kidman’s twin. Please stop the madness, Nancy! Don’t ruin your pretty face!

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals


Julianne Moore

I feel like people get thrown off when styling Julianne Moore because she’s a red head. They do a great job on her hair then leave everything on her face, including her eyebrows and apparently also her lips, undone. She NEEDS her eyebrows filled in with a very light, strawberry blonde eyeshadow and an angle brush. She needs some kind of dewy glow to really showcase the beautiful cheek bones she has. Her lips are chapped and look painful. Come on guys…she doesn’t deserve this. juliaane-moore

Claire Danes

Why does this keep happening to her?! Is it because she’s a new mom who doesn’t have time to sit in the makeup chair long enough? Claire has a hooded eye shape, where the crease loosely hangs over the eyelid. Frosty eyeshadow is the last thing that should be applied to an overly hooded eye! She should have stuck to mattes on the eye, with just a pop of shimmer in the inner corners. That  lip needs to be cleaned up. It’s smearing on one side (top right) and it’s too brown for her pale skin. I get that they were going for the “Oxblood” lip look but she really should have gone for one with a more burgundy undertone. claire-danes

That’s a wrap! Which one of these looks would you like to see in a tutorial? Let me know in the comments below!

Golden Globes 2013 Makeup- Best & Worst

Award season is upon us, and the first one was last night’s Golden Globes. I decided to skip the actual show, although I heard that Amy Poehler and Tina Fey did a great job hosting. I am sorry to say that this time around, there were a lot more “worsts” than “bests” when it came to beauty looks.

Let’s start with the good news.

JULIANNE HOUGHWhoever did her makeup really played her eyes up. Julianne’s brows are perfectly filled in and the smoky gold/brown eyes really compliment her piercing blue eyes. I love the flawlessly airbrushed-looking foundation and liquid gold/nude gloss. PERF!

Julianne Hough

JENNIFER LOPEZ- I don’t even know why she was there, but she killed it. Head. To. Toe. Much like Julianne, JLo’s brows really framed her face. No one can pull off dewy skin like JLo. Her almond-shaped eyes were accentuated by an angled smoky eye- see the black shadow coming upwards in the corners? Instant glam. And with so much going on, her makeup artist wisely chose to keep the lips a simple peachy nude.  Jlo

JESSICA ALBA– Jessica’s makeup artist used all Hourglass primers and foundations to give Jessica’s skin that soft-focus look. I’m obsessed with the size and shape of her brows- strong brows make for gorgeous women! And that pop of matte orange lipstick against her shiny dress and shimmering diamonds is the icing on the cake. WOW!jessica alba

HALLE BERRY- the never-ending fountain of youth herself. What I love about Halle is that she doesn’t seem to be doing any Botox or fillers to her face. She is letting her fine lines around the eyes show and truth be told, they just make her look sexier. Talk about aging gracefully! I love the sparkly brown smoky eye look with her deep dark eyes. Here, it’s important to note that her makeup artist gave her natural, not nude, lips. Nude would have looked like chalk (think Jersey Shore). To achieve this look, pick a brownish lip liner that is a tad darker than your skin tone and fill in the outer corners of your lips as well as all around. Then fill with a lipstick in your skin tone. Halle Berry

Ok…it was inevitable. Get ready, here’s my list of the worst beauty looks of the night.

NICOLE RICHIE- Nicole is a beautiful girl, but she just got swallowed up by that blue eyeshadow. There is just something about this look that’s unfinished, and I have a feeling it’s the eyebrows. If only they were a bit thicker, this retro makeup look might have worked. With no bold brows to frame her face, Nicole’s eyeballs look lost and out of place. I would also have liked to see some depth in the crease with a warm matte brown.


SOPHIA VERGARA– There’s no question that Sophia’s a gorgeous woman with an amazing figure, and her makeup is actually not too bad. This is a classic case of forgetting to wax her eyebrows. Click on this picture to make it bigger. WOAH, right? Unfortunately this seems to be a trend with Miss Sophia, as she almost never has those brows groomed. If I could, I would take some off the front of her brows, there are too close together, border-lining on unibrow. And a quick clean-up with the tweezer under her arch. Done. sofiavergara

Kaley Cuoco– Sigh. Another beautiful girl victimized by the makeup brush. Some bloggers thought the smoky eyes were too much with the vampy lips. I actually don’t mind that. She’s got gorgeous green peepers framed by black smudgy liner, and it looks decent. The lips bother me because it’s a glossy vamp color, giving the illusion that it’s smeared and messy. I only do dark lips one way: MATTE. Kaley would have looked like the smoldering vixen she is if only her lips were kept opaque and matte. There is too much shimmer going on here with her cheeks and lips, on top of smudgy-black eyeliner. And the hair ain’t helping, either. KaleyCuoco

JESSICA CHASTAIN– Oye, those dry, chapped faded lips. Someone get this poor girl some Vaseline.jessicachastain

JENNIFER LAWRENCE– Where the hell are her lips?! Seriously, a touch up couldn’t have killed whoever was in charge of her?JenniferLawrence

LUCY LIU– So, I guess Lucy decided to skip makeup for the Golden Globes. And threw her hair in a quick braid. She must have had better things to do.70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

CLAIRE DANES- Okay, now I’m getting upset. Claire Danes doesn’t deserve this smeared, sweaty black shadow that is creasing everywhere and that horribly over drawn and equally sweaty lip.Clairedanes

Well, that’s all folks. I’m planning on doing a makeup tutorial on one of the “best” looks. Which one would you like to see?