Rebecca’s Garden- Maternity Shoot

Hello beauties! I recently got the chance to work on Sharon’s belly for a maternity shoot, for the second time. You may remember parents-to-be John and Sharon from this previous post when Sharon was pregnant with baby Derek. Derek’s theme was airplanes and travel, so we painted the world on her belly and it turned out amazing. This time, it was baby Rebecca’s turn, and Mommy Sharon wanted the girliest theme ever: butterflies, orchids, lots of pink and of course, glitter! DS Photography was on hand to capture the moments.


I adore this lovely couple!



One of my favorite photos shot by Demecio of DS PhotographySharon4

It was very surreal having little Derek there to “help us” with baby Rebecca’s painting…just about a year and a half ago, we were doing the same for him! derek3

I love this one of Derek, contemplating his next streak of blue.Derek

Perfect Moment Photography- New Venture Featuring Baby Nordquist

Hi everyone! I’m pleased to announce that I have teamed up with my good friend and photographer Demecio Sandoval to bring to you Perfect Moment Photography. PMP consists of myself and Demecio, and our specialty is family portraits and maternity paintings. I get you primped and pretty, and Demecio snaps the shots!
Our first client, is the lovely Tessa, my yoga instructor. I had missed yoga for a few months and when I went back to class in May, I noticed her cute little bump and was delighted. She has got to be the tiniest preggo I’ve ever met. You gotta see her in class too- she can balance on one leg and even still do the downward dog with baby Nordquist! It’s really inspiring to watch her do the poses that my non-pregnant self still has trouble with.
Here she is at seven months with their baby girl 🙂

Photo courtesy of DS Photography
It took about an hour to complete the design on Tessa’s belly. Tessa requested a “yogic” theme, so we chose a pink lotus, with the celestial moon and sun double-face in the center. 
I always start my designs by looking up inspirational photos on the internet, then I make a sketch. After the client approves, I follow my sketch and inspirational photos to create the design.
Photo courtesy of DS Photography
Here’s Tessa and her awesome husband and baby daddy, Adam. 

Photo courtesy of DS Photography

How cute is this shot?!
Photo courtesy of DS Photography
 I love their rings
Photo courtesy of DS Photography

Doing what she does best
Photo courtesy of DS Photography
If you or someone you know is interested in taking maternity shots, please contact me at I work with a fabulous photographer, Demecio Sandoval, and we can always work within your budget. Capture this special time in you and your baby’s life with Perfect Moment Photography!

Derek’s World

Two weeks ago I had the honor of painting a very good (and very pregnant) friend of mine’s belly, Sharon.  She and her husband John were expecting their first baby on November 21st and well, baby couldn’t wait that long. She gave birth ONE WEEK after we did this photo shoot on November 14th to a healthy baby boy weighing in at 9 lbs, 8 oz! We made it just in time lol. Since John and Sharon have always been travelers and have gone all over the world together, we came up with a “world” theme. Here are some photos of the process shot by Mr. Photographer/Dad Extraordinaire, John Ejimofor.
I started out by tracing the shapes of the continents on Sharon’s belly. The baby was fluttering around here.
Then I filled in the “water” first with the light blue in the MUF Flash Palette and set it with MAC’s Light  Blue pigment.
Cappy loves pregnant people lol
Momma was such a good sport
Next I filled in the continents with MUF Flash Palette’s green color and set it with various MAC green eye shadows.
Mid Action
I left Antarctica white, because let’s face it… it’s icy cold!
So fun!
The blue dots represent all the places John and Sharon have traveled to. The heart is over L.A., where the baby is 🙂
Momma likes glitter, so we did a sparkly baby plane
Isn’t he a cutie?
She literally has the whole world in her hands
We went with a mother nature theme, isn’t she radiant?
And finally, without further adieu…
Welcome to the world, Derek John Ejimofor!

Peter Rabbit Maternity Painting

I can’t express enough how much fun it is to paint mommy bellies! It’s probably my favorite thing to do. Here is Corine, one of my brides from 2009, preggers with her first baby. She is 8.5 months along, and was a total trooper for the 2 hours (total) it took to do all of this. I adore first-time moms. They are always so happy and…glowy! LOL Corine is doing a whole Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit motif for their baby boy Jackson. In honor of this, we did a little Peter Rabbit on her belly, complete with a white picket fence and an apple tree. I did my signature banner with the baby’s name across the bottom. Little Jackson was a curious baby who kept elbowing my hands and brushes as I was painting. It’s one of the coolest things in the world to feel an unborn angel poking around in their mom’s belly! I can’t even describe what a blessing it is. I am always in awe of how life begins and how amazing the woman’s body really is.
SIDE NOTE: In case you are interested in belly painting for your pregnancy, all the products I use are water soluble and completely safe for baby and mom. I use gently pressure and always make sure my moms and babies are comfortable.
I took this after we wiped Corine’s belly art off, of Corine, hubby Alex and baby J. Not bad for an amateur, huh? 

Zombie/Dead Mermaid

Everyone has been asking how I did the Mermaid Zombie look this past Halloween, so I’ll try to explain. (I know…I need to start doing YouTube tutorials).

1) FACE– I applied a sheer layer of MAC Chromacake “White” all over with Fix + Spray to wet it and a big buffer brush (think Kabuki). Followed by a LIGHT LIGHT dusting of Landscape Green Chromacake.  I then took a clean blush brush and buffed in Swimming Eye Shadow (a grass green shade) over all over it. I topped everything off with Invisible Set Powder. Highlighted with Lavender FX Hyper Real/Pressed Powder and contoured with Taupe blush. I went over all the contours with Femme Noir (a black-green eyeshadow) and a crease brush. Be sure to get the inner parts of your eyes, from the top of your eyebrows to underneath the eye. Go around your nostrils and under the lower lip. 

2) EYES– Um, what didn’t I have ON my lids?! I’ll skip the little stuff here. Various Fluidlines used as bases. Blue Brown Pigment on the top lids, applied WET, with like 5 different shades of dark greens and purples in the crease. Under eyes were also a variety of purples and reds, and I lined the inner rim with Foxy Lady (a true RED eyeliner). Lashes from Sally’s, believe it or not.

3) LIPS– Velvetella creme liner (my FAVE) with Cyber lipstick, and a shimmery burgandy lip glass that was limited. Blood Gel by Cinema Secrets was carefully “dripped” on each corner of the mouth, but not before drawing it out with Velvetella first.

4) CHEST– I applied the same Chromacake technique to my chest and shoulders as I did to my face, including the contouring. Then I drew a stencil out of canvas paper for the “ribs” and used Femme Noir eyeshadow with a big fluffy brush in between it. You can also get this look from an airbrush machine but A) I was too lazy and B) Who has time to clean an airbrush machine?

5) SCALES– I used some fishnet stockings as a stencil and patted Ostentatious Fluidline on. Viola! 😉

*All the products (except for the lashes and blood) used for this look are from MAC Cosmetics, many from their Pro line. Click the link in my other mermaid look to find a Pro store near you.

Little Miss Munchkin

IT’s A GiRL! Producer Amy wanted to capture her second pregnany with professional photos and some maternity body art, so she let me go to town on her. Here she is in her home garden in-between takes taking a breather. She’s a trooper…it was basically an all-day shoot, scorching hot weather and she was approximately 8 months pregnant here.

It’s always such a cool experience for me as an artist to do maternity paintings. It’s takes quite some time to finish the belly portion and I can always feel the baby moving around and reacting to the (light) pressure of my brushes. Amy’s baby was relatively mellow, so a special thank you to Miss Munchkin for “holding still” for me.

I only wish we had more time for me to add more flowers. Enjoy…

AvAtAr Inspired

Happy Saturday all!

After I saw Avatar in 3D, I really felt inspired by all the amazing CGI characters and the overall beauty of the planet of Pandora. I thought it would be fun to try it out in another medium- makeup! Here are the results:

For this look, I used mostly MAC Pro products, including Blue and White Chromacakes, matte Dark and Sky Blue pigments, Vanilla pigment, 2 sets of lashes, Fascinating eye kohl, Light Blue glitter, Face & Body Mixing Medium, Water Based MM,  lots of Freshwater eyeshadow, Stone lipliner and Pas De Deux lipglass.

Body Painting

Here’s an example of the kind of body painting experience I’ve had. This was for an Aid for Aids of Nevada fundraising event held on Valentine’s Day back in 2006 at Krave Night Club. The model was fully nude except for the thong and cup-less bra she was wearing. The glittery hearts, as well as the conversation hearts, were all makeup (MAC Chrome Cakes). I was blessed enough to work for a great company like MAC who gave me tons of fun opportunies such as this one!