At Home Tips for Perfect Eyebrows

Hi beauties!

Today I wanted to give you a cheat sheet on how to groom your brows at home, or in between sessions with your professional brow artist. Eyebrows are to your face what a movie trailer is for a feature film: it sets the tone for the whole thing. That being said, taking proper care and putting your eyebrows first will make you look 100 times better than shellacking makeup on everywhere else.


STEP 1:  A QUICK TRIM will reveal the natural arch of your eyebrows

Women always tell me their brows look bad “because they forgot to tweeze or wax, etc.” However what will really do the trick is a quick trim with a pair of small grooming scissors.

How-To: If you don’t have a fancy lash comb, designate a clean toothbrush to your eyebrows.

1) Use your preferred tool to brush UP the hairs in your eyebrows. This will make it easy for you to see which hairs are too long and need to be trimmed.

2) Take the scissors and snip off any stragglers above your natural eyebrow. Follow the hairline of your brow to avoid giving yourself any bald spots.

3) Repeat this process but the second time around, comb your brow hairs DOWN. Snip off any long hairs that seem to be out of place. You will be surprised at how much cleaner your eyebrows will look!

Ang Eyebrows

STEP 2: Find Your Natural Shape To Begin Tweezing

1) Hold a pen or makeup brush vertically against the tip of your nostril all the way up to your brow. This is where your eyebrow should begin.

2) Hold the tool again from the tip of your nostril and going outward to the outer edge of your eye. The top end of the tool is where your eyebrow should end.

3) Tweeze everything that doesn’t belong in this natural shape.

STEP 3: Find Your Arch to Determine What to Tweeze and What to Leave Alone

1) Line up the pen or makeup brush so it’s vertical and over the pupil of your eye. That is where the highest part of your arch should be.

2) Tweeze away!


Here are some of my favorite brow tools you can try at home:

Tweezerman Slant Tweezers- $22


Anastasia Wax Kit- $12


MAC Grooming Scissors- $34


Here’s a quick video I did on grooming your eyebrows, check it out for more tips


Pet Peeve: Empty Eyebrows

It has recently come to my attention that the every day person isn’t always educated in filling in their eyebrows. One of my pet peeves as a makeup artist is seeing someone rocking beautiful eye makeup with empty eyebrows. It’s like curling your hair and then putting it in a bun: what’s the point? I can’t tell you how often I see this happen, to innocent bystanders everywhere. If I’m out at a bar, I’ll spot a sexy smoky eye on the bartender, followed by her sparse, half-plucked-off eyebrows. It’s just such a disappointment. I’ll be at the grocery store and take note of the stay-at-home mom with awesome winged eyeliner….and her misshapen eyebrows.

Hello! Where are your brows?!

Lesson 1: Complete the Look. 
Eyebrows frame the face and set the tone for your makeup. My advice is to start with your eye makeup first, then fill in your eyebrows accordingly. Are you wearing a smoky eye? Better make those eyebrows a little stronger than you would normally do. Going with a basic vanilla shade? Lightly dust your angle brush through your brows with a shadow one shade lighter than your natural hair color. 

Lesson 2: Full Eyebrows Need Love Too

Just because you have full eyebrows doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fill them in. I have the thickest, hairiest eyebrows on the planet and I still fill them in with some eyeshadow and Makeup For Ever’s corrector. Why? Because even the fullest brows can be thinning at the ends or missing hairs in the front. Also, filling in your eyebrows will help them stand out in photos. Have you ever noticed that your brows disappear in your Facebook photos? That’s because the flash is reflecting off of your skin underneath. Filling in your eyebrows will help the flash bounce off the darker color and will show up on film. 

Don’t even ask me where I got this photo….poor thing.

How to Shape Your Eyebrows

Tired of paying the wax lady mucho dinero every two weeks to groom your brows? Neglecting your brows because you don’t even know where to start? Click on the video below for some quick and easy ways to keep your brows tamed. Enjoy!
MAC #266 Angle brush
MAC Trimming Scissors
MAC Slant-Edge Tweezer
MAC Brun Eyeshadow
Makeup For Ever Eyebrow Correcting Gel in #3