Armenian Mermaid

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone had a fun weekend. I am EXHAUSTED. And in the next couple of days as I post blogs, you will see why. Friday and Saturday were full of appointments, but they were well worth it. I actually stayed in Sunday, the 31st because I was officially out of steam! This year, I decided to go with the mermaid costume, but I wanted to be my OWN kind of mermaid, not your typical Ariel. I made fish scales on my chest, shoulders and face using fishnets stockings as a stencil. I wanted to look “wet” so I used tons of Light Green Glitter by MAC (only in Pro stores, click HERE to find one near you) You will notice that I took these photos before I put on my lipstick and gloss, but there’s a reason for that: I needed to eat a slice of pizza! LOL So please forgive me for my half-done lips…


* Click to make the photos bigger!


Just having some fun with Sis one night and came up with this look. She’s always been my happy little guinea pig, so when i asked if I could do her eyes at midnight last night, she didn’t bat a fake eyelash. I love her eyes, and they are so much fun to do makeup on. After showing our great-grandma this pic, she said that it reminded her “of the gypsies that would knock on our doors in Lebanon selling cheese and milk.” So Gypsy is what I’ll call this. 🙂
*Mask part was done using MAC’s Liquidlast liners, Chromacake and Copper Glitter.

AvAtAr Inspired

Happy Saturday all!

After I saw Avatar in 3D, I really felt inspired by all the amazing CGI characters and the overall beauty of the planet of Pandora. I thought it would be fun to try it out in another medium- makeup! Here are the results:

For this look, I used mostly MAC Pro products, including Blue and White Chromacakes, matte Dark and Sky Blue pigments, Vanilla pigment, 2 sets of lashes, Fascinating eye kohl, Light Blue glitter, Face & Body Mixing Medium, Water Based MM,  lots of Freshwater eyeshadow, Stone lipliner and Pas De Deux lipglass.