Happy December Beauty Lovers!

I’ve been a busy bee and am a little behind on showing you how my Halloween went. This year, I was inspired by Rick Baker’s version of the bride of Frankenstein. I’ve been the B.O.F. before, so I whipped out my handy-dandy wig and freshened up this dead look for 2013.

Here’s an image of Rick Baker’s monsterholiday2013_macrickbaker001

I kept it pretty much the same but added a vibrant green and glitter to the eyes. I also gave my top lip a “widow’s peak.” What do you think?


I covered the tail ends of my eyebrows by running a glue stick back and forth. I repeated the glue stick layers about three times, then scooped out full coverage concealer (MAC’s Studio Finish works great) and spackled it on with a spatula to smooth over the hairs. I topped them off with translucent powder to set the makeup (Makeup For Ever HD Powder works well.)


I applied a foundation that was a few shades lighter than me all the way down to my chest, set it with a translucent powder, then highlighted areas with white eyeshadow (MAC White Pigment is a good one.) I used an ashy grey-brown blush to contour the hollows of my collarbone, cheek bones and nose (MAC Taupe Blush is the bomb.)


Stitches and screws were created with burgundy and white eye pencils (MAC Foxy Lady and NYX Jumbo liner in Milk) and Wet N Wild Waterproof liquid liner.

Here’s a shot of me in the car, so you can see how tall my B.O.F. wig is! I almost had to open the sunroof, ha ha.


Have you ever been the Bride of Frankenstein? If so, I’d love to see your looks. Find me on Instagram! Username: LeadingLadyC

Skeletora- Halloween Makeup

SpoOoOoOky! Here’s my first look for Halloween this year… I call her SKELETORA. She’s a little two-faced, if you know what I mean..


This is the perfect look for the girl who wants to do something scary without looking ugly lol. It’s also great if you are on a budget. All you need are the following, which you can find at the drugstore and at the Halloween costume shop:

White face paint– This is your first step. Choose a face paint that dries down (usually water-based, MAC’s Chromacake is fantastic). If you go with a cream it will smear faster than you can say “boo!” Set this down with white or invisible loose powder.

Black liquid linerAny ol’ liquid liner will do, but I prefer waterproof. Wet N’ Wild has an awesome one for super cheap. You’ll use this to create cracks in the skull and drawing out the teeth.

Black face paint– This is to draw the hollows of your bones in (like the eye sockets, nose and jaw)

Black eye shadow- Pick a matte black shadow to buff out the edges on the eye sockets, nose and jaw.

Extra Step: if you have thick dark eyebrows like me, you will need to flatten them down with a glue stick (just run it over back and forth until you get a few layers of glue in there) then cover them up with a heavy concealer before starting the look.


Tutorial coming soon! What else would you guys like to see for Halloween? Let me know in the comments below.


80’s Makeup WITH VIDEO

80s Makeup Tutorial

Hello my totally rad and tubular Betties! Today I’m bringing you neon, brights and frosty 80’s love with my brand spankin’ new makeup tutorial. A few months back I did a 70’s Makeup video and it got a big response, so I figure you dolls like to see the decades! This is a great look to wear to any 80’s themed party or even Halloween.

Boy George Makeup
Boy George Makeup
Boy George 80s
Boy George, 80’s Makeup

My inspiration behind this look was Boy George- He influenced everyone with his dramatic fashion and beauty choices in the 1980s! Boy George was known for sharp angles and bold brights, and that’s what I tried to emulate here. WATCH BELOW!


Here are some closeups of the look (feel free to Pin them!)

OCC Lip Tar in Nylon with NYX Fuchsia lip pencil
80s Eye Makeup
80s Eye Makeup


Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Abyss
Youngblood Cosmetics Incredible Wear Gel Liner in Lagoon
MAC Shadows in Electric Eel, Crystal Avalanche, Deep Truth
MAC Fluidline in Black Track
Anastasia Brow Wiz in Soft Brown
Anastasia Clear Brow Gel
MAC Prep & Prime in Light Boost
Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer
MAC Passionate shadow as blush
Benefit Watt’s Up highlighting stick
NYX Fuchsia lip liner
OCC Lip Tar in Nylon

October’s Shop & Tell

Hi peeps!

I’m a little late on posting this but I recently went Halloween makeup shopping and wanted to share some of the items I purchased with you. Click below to watch my “Shop & Tell.”

You can find the products below at http://shop.cinemasecrets.com/

Party Girl (Katy Perry) Wig — So fun! The wig looks great out of the bag and the curls are easy to manage.

Flesh Latex— Works great. I dribbled some onto my face and neck for a “melted skin” appearance on Halloween eve and it totally worked. I just dabbed on some concealer in my skin tone on top and it was good to go.

Super Sealer spray — I sprayed some over mine and my fiance’s Halloween looks and it worked pretty well. I also used some recently for a maternity painting and it worked so good that I got a text from the mom-to-be the next day saying the painting was STILL on!

Black lipstick— I was SO bummed because this Cinema Secrets-brand lipstick came out super sheer and looked like Clinique’s Black Honey lipstick shade.

Glow in the Dark Body Gel— Total waste. It smelled funny and felt gross. And didn’t even glow.

You can find the products below at http://www.naimies.com/

Elegant Lashes— According to a trusty friend, these lashes are from the same distributor as MAC’s eye lashes. I have to agree because they went on just like MAC’s lashes do and worked fabulously. $2.99 a pair and probably the best purchase I made all day.

Beauty Blender— This adorably bright pink teardrop-shaped little wonder is amaze-balls. My foundation has never looked better. I absolutely love the pointy end to get into the nooks and crannies (like around your nose and eyes). The best part is that this sponge, unlike others, actually washes out and is reusable. And it better be, for $18 a pop!

MUF Eyebrow Corrector— I love this stuff! I’ve talked about this fab eye brow filler before on my blog, but it’s worth a second look. If you don’t believe me, ask recent convert Allyson Stagg, who now swears by the number 0 shade. I’m a number 3 girl myself.

MUF Mate Velvet— I’m pretty happy with this medium coverage, matte finish foundation. It keeps up with me as I work, make meetings and appointments, hit the gym, walk the dog and make dinner.

MUF Flash Palette— The colors go on beautifully and did really well when I used them with MAC’s Invisible Set Powder for body painting. However, I found that they moved and melted when I used them to draw intricate designs. Bottom line is, it’s a great palette for body painting, not so much staying power on the face.

Nail File— It’s aight. I’ve had better.

iHate Products

Advanced Home Active Brazilian Peel

MAC Pro Long Wear Foundation

Monster Bride-To-Be

Halloween was SO much fun this year! Here I am as the Bride of Frankenstein. Dylan found the costume online discounted for $16. I found the wig ($27) at Cinema Secrets in Burbank. This was my first time concealing my own eyebrows, and I got the biggest kick out of it. I feel like if Lady Gaga was to dress up as the Monster Bride, this is what it would look like. Enjoy!

Lovin on my Lil’ Monster


Face: Makeup For Ever Mat Velvet foundation, MAC’s Studio F/X powder in Lavender
Lower Eye Lid: MAC eyeshadow in Nocturnelle
Upper Eye Lid: Makeup For Ever’s Flash Palette in green as base, MAC pigment in Chartreuse, MAC eye shadows in Bitter, Velvet Moss, Femme Noir, MAC Crystalized Yellow Glitter
Eyebrows: concealed with glue stick, covered up with various MAC concealers, and set with MAC Invisible Set Powder. New shape drawn on with MAC Fluidline in Black Track.
Lips: MAC Velvetella lip liner and Cinema Secrets black lipstick.
Face and Neck: Contouring done with MAC’s Bark and Scene eye shadows.
Stitches: Makeup For Ever Flash Palette in black
Melted skin effect: Cinema Secrets Flesh Latex and MAC Select Coverup.


What…a good sport. Right? Here’s my monster lover, who was basically the happiest Frankstein I’ve ever seen. I’m totally swooning at the fact that he allows me to dress him up like this once a year, and doesn’t even complain when the makeup takes two days to remove. I didn’t have a lot of time, as I had to get both of us ready for a party in the O.C. and my parents were in town helping me with wedding stuff, but here’s what I came up with. Enjoy!

What a looker


Cinema Secrets Cream Makeup Stack in Undead
Woochie monster bolts
Cinema Secrets Frankenstein foam latex prosthetic
Spirit gum
Cinema Secrets Flesh Latex
MAC eye shadows in Swimming, Nocturnelle, Velvet Moss and Femme Noir
Makeup Forever’s Flash Palette in black and green
MAC Paint Stick (in the dark purple shade, I forget the name, but it’s only sold in Pro stores)
MAC Invisible Set Loose Powder

Dia de Los Muertos

Boo! Here’s my Day of the Dead look for my Halloween series. I wanted to do a feminine take on the traditional Dia de los Muertos mask, so I added glitter and made the eye sockets turquoise. It’s different than the one I did last year. Click here to take a look. This look was so much fun to wear, I actually waited a few hours to take it off! Below is my tutorial on how to create this look for yourselves. Enjoy!
Here’s the photo I got the inspiration from

White Chromacake
French Violet paintstick
Invisible set powder
Hyper Real FX white powder
Blacktrack Fluidline
Jade Fluidline
Plumage eye shadow
Fuschia glitter
Teal pigment
Teal glitter
Eyeliner Mixing Medium
*All the products above are Pro-only. Plumage eye shadow and the Fluidline eye liners are sold at every MAC.

Halloween Look: Vampire

Hello everyone! I’m excited to show you the first of many Halloween looks I will be doing this season. Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday, for obvious reasons. Every week up until October 31st, I will be posting tutorials on Youtube ranging from spooky to sexy for your Halloween outings. Let me know if you have a costume idea in mind and would like to see a video. Make sure you subscribe to my Youtube channel so you don’t miss the looks! Watch below for a learn-fest on Vampire makeup.


Here are some stills from the look:

Clearly, I was having too much fun.
Disclaimer: I just wanted to warn people that almost all the colors I used had some kind of red pigment in them. If you have sensitive skin, or allergies to red dye, you should probably just skip this look.
Makeup For Ever HD Foundation
MAC Concealer stick in NW 15
MAC Pro Super White FX Pressed Powder
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Lightscapade
Urban Decay Primer in Eden
MAC Foxy Lady Eye Kohl
MAC Fluidline in Dark Diversion
MAC Pigment in Blue Brown
MAC Eyeshadows in Passionate (hot pink) and Sketch (maroon)
MAC Mascara in False Lashes
MAC Creme Liner in Velvetella
MAC Lipstick in Wild About You
Cinema Secrets’s Blood Gel
Widow’s Peak
MAC Pro Paintstick in Black Black (also used on the corners of the lips)

Dia De Los Muertos

Hi Peeps! Anyone who knows me knows my love for Mexican culture. The food is amazing, the music is inspiring, the language is ancient and the ART is beautiful! I have always been fascinated with the Mexican version of Halloween, “Dia de Los Muertos.” I researched a few face masks and found the perfect one I wanted to recreate on my face. Fun, huh?
Check out the slide show below for steps