Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Clearly, I live in L.A., and the coldest it gets here is 55 degrees at night. But still. Call me warm blooded but I am always freezing! I sleep with a comforter, blanket, and sometimes a Korean blanket (which weighs like 75 pounds, no lie). I wanted to interpret how frigidly cold I always am in the winter with a mani and found this great one from Cute Polish on YouTube. Check her out! She has literally has the cutest designs and they are super easy.

“Unconditionally Fabulous” by MAC Cosmetics

Essie’s Lapis of Luxury

Inglot Nail Art Enamel in White

Cobwebs and Glitter

Is anyone really surprised that did this look? A) I love Halloween and B) I am obsessed with glitter on everything so I thought, why not do both on my digits? Now, anytime I look down at my hands I smile with Halloween glee (whatever that looks like). The cobweb was done with a long, skinny nail art striping brush using silver, and highlighting with white. This particular glitter is my favorite in my collection, with chunky pieces of gold, blue and hot pink glitter (my heart beats for thee!) I wanted to do the glitter on the rest of the nails but I figured this would be quicker to remove. Nothing’s worse than sitting there for an hour with your poor fingers drenched in remover and cotton ball-hairs stuck on every piece of glitter!


Milani’s Black Magic
OPI’s Sparkle-icious (from the Burlesque line)
Sephora by OPI in Social Climber
Inglot‘s Nail Art Enamel in # 29