Gold Glitter & Teal Makeup WITH VIDEO

TGIF Beauties!

Since it’s Friday and some of you are probably planning a fabulous night out, I thought I’d bring you a “going out” makeup look. This makeup is super -wearable but still has nighttime elements like glitter and smoke.  Ooh-la-la!

This is a great makeup look to try if you have a ton of bold, bright eyeshadow colors and have no idea how to use them. Don’t be afraid of color! Instead of smearing it all over, line your lower lid with it. You will get a pop of color without feeling like you went overboard. Balance everything out with a light lip and natural skin. I skipped lashes for this look, but if you’re feeling a little vixen, go for it. Lashes have a way of finishing the look, kind of like the frame around a masterpiece- it’s also the reason celebrities always look so put together on the red carpet.



Urban Decay’s Naked Basics Palette

Urban Decay’s Naked Palette

MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack

Urban Decay “Junkie” 24-7 eyeliner

Makeup For Ever Star Powder in Gold

Makeup For Ever Aqua Brow in #3

Youngblood Cosmetics Pink Cashmere Creme Blush

MAC Springsheen Blush

MAC Soar lip liner

MAC Viva Glam Nicki and Creme de Nude lipsticks


Holiday Gift Guide 2011

The holidays are approaching, ya’lll! If you are looking for a gift for the Beauty Fashionista in your life, you have come to the right place. I compiled my gift favorites that Sephora is offering this season to make it easy for you. Nothing is worse than walking into a store and being bombarded with 500,000 gift sets and not having a clue about any of them! What’s great is that all these gifts are under $30!

For the nail fiend in your life, Sephora recently started carrying British brand Nails, Inc. in their stores. Nails, Inc. is a high quality nail polish brand that I’m beginning to be a huge fan of. The Wyndham Collection features the Teal Black Kensington polish and The Wyndham Overglaze top coat, “which contains hand cut, irregular particles to create dramatic holographic effects when applied over other polishes.” I’m already swooning.

Clinique’s Black Honey Glow gift set includes the High Impact Mascara in Black, a limited edition Black Honey Gel Blush (LOVE), a moisturizing Super Balm gloss in Black Honey, and a shadow duo is Lucky Penny and Rose Chocolate. Flattering for all skin colors and YUMMY!

Philosophy’s set caught my eye when I read “Hot Salt.” According to the site, “the Gingerbread Man Hot Salt Scrub features sea salt and natural extracts to exfoliate and polish dry, rough skin, leaving it feeling silky soft, super smooth and conditioned.” I read the reviews and the salt actually heats up and gives you a tingly scrubby feeling all over. Yes, please!

I’ve had my eye on this since last year, but I already have every thing in it. This gift set features all of Makeup For Ever’s best sellers in smaller sizes so you can sample what you’ve been missing out on. If you are looking to get into Makeup For Ever, this is a perfect place to start. And let’s not even talk about how soft and heaven-sent their HD powder feels! This set includes: the HD powder, HD primer, the waterproof version of the Smoky Lash mascara in Black, Lab Shine gloss in S4, and a shimmery champagne Aqua Cream. *Sigh

My heart palpitates when I think about this amazing little set from Fresh. This set includes a full size of their AMAZE BALLS Sugar lip balm in Plum, which is flattering for everyone. You also get small sizes of their SuperNova Mascara in Black, their Twilight Glow moisturizer (with red pearl, it’s gorge), and Soy Face Cleanser (great for sensitive skin). 

Rave Makeup

With all this EDC and Nocturnal Wonderland talk, it got me reminiscing about the good ol’ high school days when I would go to raves and dance all night long. A few years ago, I attended a few raves here in L.A. to watch over some of my younger cousins, and let’s just say, I really can’t hang anymore. I was yawning by 2:00am while the music thumped and thumped, and people (clearly under the influence) kept asking me for “light shows” (I was littered in glow sticks). The worst part about raves is that the bathrooms are sickening. I had to hold my pee for fear of using the port-o-potties. I should just rock Depends next time. Anywho, I’m getting off track…
With raves making somewhat of a comeback these days, it made me miss the fun I used to have with my makeup. So here’s a look you can all try at your next rave/concert/show.

Products Used to create this look: 
Makeup For Ever’s Lavender Camoflouge Cream, with MAC‘s Beautiful Iris shadow on top for the mask
MAC Glitter, including Reflects Red all over
Eyes: Pale green MAC Shadestick, Bitter and Aquadisiac Eyeshadows with Electric Eel and Plumage
MAC #35 Lashes (Pro only I think)
Lips: MAC Eye Kohl in Ola Viola with Lime Crime’s D’Lilac lipstick, MAC Kitchmas pigment in the center
Braided Headband: it’s actually just my hair! I braided it from one side, brought it over my forehead and pinned it on the other side of my head. Super easy!

Makeup For Ever’s QVC Sale on Tuesday Night!

Hi all! I have some exciting news for those of you who don’t get a discount with Makeup For Ever, but would like to try some of their products. They are putting some of their best-sellers on QVC Tuesday Night, June 14 at 10:00PM (that’s 1:00AM Eastern). Here’s the flyer:
First of all, I adore watching QVC. They have some of the best sales hosts and make me feel like I really need that American flag quilted-on-the-oversized-cardigan sweater. It’s like a trainwreck- I can’t look away even though I know it’s a disaster. So imagine my delight when I saw that Makeup For Ever (something that people living outside of the South would want) was hosting their very own night on this amazing channel!
Makeup For Ever will be selling some “Exclusive to QVC” items, such as the Aqua Eyes Trio, Lab Shine Gloss and Aqua Lip Liner Duo, HD Starter Collection and Uplight (a new product for luminizing the face and body).  

Makeup For Ever: Aqua Miami

Makeup For Ever’s Summer Campaign Ad

My Version

Lips: To achive that super matte look, I lined and filled my lips in with MAC’s Magenta liner, then went over it with their cream lip liner in Cranapple, and dabbed Passionate (hot pink) eye shadow over the entire lip with my finger
Eyes: I used a thin line of Wet N Wild’s waterproof black liquid eyeliner, followed by a thicker sweep with MAC’s Liquid Last Eye Liner in Aqualine (it looks like liquid and stays ON like nobody’s business!)
Beach Ready!

Lady C’s Makeup Must Haves

We are finally at Part 4 in the four-part “Must Haves” series! Here, I’ll be talking about what makeup I use on a daily basis. Below is my “makeup station” at home, complete with my chalkboard gardenia-scented soy candle (I scrawled Japan on it in leu of the disasters that have affected the people there).

Pictured here are my “face” products from L-R:

MAC Fix + Spray
MAC Prep N Prime
MAC Fix Fluid Foundation
Application: I apply the SPF 30 all over and let it sit while I walk my dog outside. It’s important for your SPF to settle into your skin before you put your makeup on, or else everything will look oily. Then, I rub some of Jouer’s Matte creme  (Thanks Jen C!) onto my T-zone: down the bridge of my nose and forehead. Next, I mix one pump of the primer with one pump of my foundation, to create a super matte, long wearing, sheer application that will last all day. I apply all this with my fingers. Next I apply concealer to the whole eye area, lids included.  After everything is applied, I spray the Fix + to set the makeup.
Below are all of my “highlight & contour” products clockwise from the top:
MAC Cheek blush
       MAC Springsheen shimmer blush
   MAC Ladyblush Blush Creme
MAC Lune Creme Highlight
        MAC Mineral Skinfinish Powder
     MAC Refined Golden Bronzer
    Application: I dust the Skinfinish powder all over to set my foundation. It’s not really my favorite powder, but since I have it around, I’ll make it work. Next I contour my face with the bronzer.
I apply the creme blush with my fingers to the apples of my cheeks, then set it with a mix of Cheek and Springsheen, which looks like a lovely pink-coral on my skin. I apply Lune to my highlight areas: cheekbones and brow bones. Lune was a limited product. If you would like to get something similar, try Pearl or Shell Cream Colour Base by MAC.
Pictured below are my various eye/face products:
MAC Eyelash Curler
MAC Select Coverup in NW25
MAC Fluidline in Black Track
Application: I always apply concealer AFTER foundation, and before powder. I fill in my brows with this amazing gel from MUF with an angle brush. I warm up the lash curler in my palms before giving a quick squeeze. I look down into a compact or a swivel mirror and apply my mascara by wiggling up and out. If I have time, I’ll line my eyes with the Fluidline and an angle brush. I will lightly dust the Sparklicity (LOVE) over the areas that I applied Lune, as well as the inner corners of my eyes. A swipe of Fresh’s lip balm with one of my million lip glosses, and I’m ready to leave the house! LOL

Tools: I’m going to save which brushes I use for another blog post, but I’ll share the tools I use on the daily here: A pair of safety scissors to trim my crazy Armenian eyebrows, slanted tweezers to groom absolutely everything on my body, and a palette to squirt various products on. I got mine from a pro store, however you can just get an artist’s palette from Aaron Brothers for around $3 and it will do the trick! 

Eye PrimerUrban Decay Primer Potion in EDEN
Eyeshadows– I don’t wear shadows every day, but when I do… I use MAC. Nobody makes eye shadows and pigments like MAC Cosmetics. Period.

Makeup For Ever: Gold Icon

Hello Blog Buddies! For Christmas, I got a ton of makeup (of course) and one of my favorite gifts was my sister’s. Chantal got me a Sephora: Beauty in a Box in Makeup For Ever’s Gold Icon. She knows I love gold anything! Thank goodness for little sisters 🙂 
The kit includes: 

Metal Powder in Sunflower Gold 1 (yellow gold shimmer)
 Diamond Powder in Gold 16 (gold shimmer)
Kohl Pencil Black with Metal Highlights 6K (black with gold flecks)
 Lab Shine Diamond Collection D16 (glimmering beige)
 Smoky Lash


Winter 2011 Product Review

Happy December!

I am excited to share with you a plethora of beauty products that I recently got on my last (few) trip(s) to Sephora. I’ve recently started branching out and trying different brands. Most of my makeup career, I’ve relied heavily on MAC Cosmetics products, mostly because of my training there for 5 years and also because I get a SWEET discount with them. However, lately, I’ve felt a craving for more… variety. I mean, I can’t call myself a good makeup artist if I mainly use one line of cosmetics! This recent urge has taken me on many trips to Sephora and several beauty counters, as well as poring through Youtube tutorials and online reviews. Every waking moment I have had the last few weeks has been spent educating myself on all the different brands and TRYING everything! I feel like I have a whole new world at my fingertips, but also, like I am doomed because of course all of this is COSTLY up the wazoo. Anyway, below are my new findings and what I thought of them.

Makeup For Ever HD Foundation– $40
 I don’t know where this foundation has been all my life, but I am AS excited about this as I was about NSync in high school. For the first time in my life, I am applying foundation on with my fingers. It glides on smoothly and gives beautiful coverage without feeling heavy. The color dries down true to what it looks like in the bottle, which is hard to find, as most foundations end up drying down darker than they look, or more yellow or pink. It looks gorgeous in photos as well as in person. Long-wearing and even a little sweat-proof. 
FRESH Magic Wands Mini Mascara Duo — $10
I bought these in the checkout line at Sephora. Fresh’s full size mascaras are a bit pricy, so I wanted to try them out before I committed. Supernova (the black one) looked beautiful at first, then slowly weighed my lashes down. It also doesn’t dry feels like gel even hours after you apply it. Firebird (the blue one) however, is AMAZING. The wand can whip any flimsy lash hair into shape and LIFT your whole lashline. Dried down well and stayed on all day. 
Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Pure Gold — $19
This is part of Tarantino’s limited Gold Collection and is simply divine. The light reflects off the mineralized crystals in this golden dust and just heavenly. I applied some MAC Cream Color Base to my cheekbones and dusted it on with a flat-tipped blush brush. The result? ETHEREAL 
Makeup For Ever Waterproof Eyebrown Corrector– $19
Once again, where on God’s green earth has this been all my life? I have always been very disappointed with the quality of eyebrow-filling products in the market, until this. I’ve tried everything: eyebrow waxes (too greasy), eyebrow liners (to harsh), eyebrow gels (crusty and pointless), and eyeshadow-as-eyebrow-filler (not strong enough). I hate when people’s eyebrows dissappear in photos because of the flash, or just look faded or even worse SHINY because of the product they put in them (mine included!). This silicone-based gel feels more like a cream and is applied with an angle brush. The color STAYS PUT (even through a workout at the gym), stays MATTE and stays SOLID. Washes off with soap and water. One tube will probably last you a lifetime, and no, I’m not joking. The only jest I have is that it only comes in 4 shades. I’m hoping they expand this line because it’s honestly amazing.
Attention Blondies: This product also doubles as a lash darkener when applied with a clean mascara brush! And on graying sideburns and mustaches, so Grandpa and your Dad will be happy campers as well. 
FRESH Prime & Glow Duo– $10
Freshface Primer and Freshface Glow
Once again, I was trying not to break the bank, so I bought the sample-sized version of these two products in the checkout line of Sephora. The Freshface Primer smells amazing (like roses!) and a tiny bit does go a long way. I’m not sure if it’s worth the hefty price though ($36) , since there are so many other primers that are cheaper and can do the job just fine. The Freshface Glow  ($36) is a moisturizer with a red pearl glow. It’s really gorgeous, but reminds me of MAC’s Strobe Cream ($29), which is slightly cheaper. My thoughts? If you got the $$ go for it. If not, there are cheaper options.
Sephora Face Wipes (25)– $8
What…an utter dissappointment. I jumped at the price– 25 wipes for eight bucks!– but gravely regretted it later. First of all, the wipes feel like they are SOAKED in Palm Olive. Secondly, it didn’t remove jack sh*t. After using one wipe, I looked like Heath Ledger’s The Joker. I still had to wash off the remainder of my makeup with my Philosophy Purity cleanser and warm water. I still stand strongly by MAC’s wipes (45 for $18).