Mom-Friendly Makeup Tips

Leave it to Youtube to freeze frame the absolute worst video stills of me from every single tutorial! LOL

My  middle school pal, Leslie, hosts her own Mommy Blog where she talks about the best ways to manage a household and family. She reached out to me about a week ago with a collaboration idea for me to host a “Mommy Makeup” tutorial on her blog. I was honored that she asked me, and thought of a quick and easy day to night look for all you over-worked, under-appreciated moms out there! Click to watch the video here, and when you are done, hit up Leslie’s Blog by clicking here. Hope you all enjoy the tips!

Peter Rabbit Maternity Painting

I can’t express enough how much fun it is to paint mommy bellies! It’s probably my favorite thing to do. Here is Corine, one of my brides from 2009, preggers with her first baby. She is 8.5 months along, and was a total trooper for the 2 hours (total) it took to do all of this. I adore first-time moms. They are always so happy and…glowy! LOL Corine is doing a whole Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit motif for their baby boy Jackson. In honor of this, we did a little Peter Rabbit on her belly, complete with a white picket fence and an apple tree. I did my signature banner with the baby’s name across the bottom. Little Jackson was a curious baby who kept elbowing my hands and brushes as I was painting. It’s one of the coolest things in the world to feel an unborn angel poking around in their mom’s belly! I can’t even describe what a blessing it is. I am always in awe of how life begins and how amazing the woman’s body really is.
SIDE NOTE: In case you are interested in belly painting for your pregnancy, all the products I use are water soluble and completely safe for baby and mom. I use gently pressure and always make sure my moms and babies are comfortable.
I took this after we wiped Corine’s belly art off, of Corine, hubby Alex and baby J. Not bad for an amateur, huh? 

Makeup Lesson

Last weekend I had a fun appointment for a Makeup Lesson. These on-the-go working moms were looking for basic tips for applying everyday makeup. We started off with skincare, which in my opinion is one of the most important steps in applying makeup. Without the proper skincare for your skin type, makeup will not stay on or look the way it should! If you have any questions on skincare products for your skin type, comment this blog and I’ll get back to you.
We then moved on to the Face (primers, foundations, concealers and powders). Next stop was Cheeks (blush) and Eyes (bases, shadows, liners and eyebrows) followed by Lips (liners, conditioners, lipsticks and glosses.) We did Lashes (mascaras and how to use curlers) last and popped some on Lourie (left below).
Here’s Lourie and Wendy with their fresh new looks 
Contact me if you would like to schedule a Makeup Lesson!

Black & Bling 40th Bday Bash

Last weekend, I had the lovely opportunity to do makeup for Connie’s 40th birthday party. The birthday girl’s theme was “Black & Bling” – everyone wore black with big gaudy jewelry and trinkets. This look was created with Studio Fix Fluid Foundation (the LOVE of my life).

Eyes were created using MAC’s Fluidline in Macroviolet as a base, Brule and Vanilla pigment on the browbone, Copper Metal pigment and Intoxicate eyeshadows on the lid and crease. I added some glam lashes inspired by old Hollywood starlets.