Diagonal Shatter Nail Design

When OPI first came out with the shatter polishes I was obsessed. Then I kind of got over them. Last week, I was perusing the nail blogs I’m subscribed to and came across some shatter polish photos and they got me thinking about ways to revamp the look. 

I grabbed a matte, hot pink polish from Essie and painted two coats all of my nails. After they dried, I covered half of each nail with tape and applied OPI’s Silver Shatter to the exposed parts.  I put the glossy top coat on JUST the shatter portions and voila!

The combination of the matte with the shimmery shatter looks really cool in person. The color looks red on camera, but it’s actually more of a dark pink.Next time I’ll have to try this with black!

Essie- unknown… but it’s a matte dark pink color
OPI’s Silver Shatter
Scotch Tape
Top Coat

OPI Silver Shatter Here I Come!

I had a lot of new experiences over the weekend. First, I got engaged to my superhero/best friend/ fiance, Dylan. Second, I bought a car. And third, I won a contest, for the first time in my life!  
The Gloss Menagerie was having a contest to win a bottle of OPI’s Silver Shatter nail polish. I enter dozens of beauty contests a week, and never actually think I’m going to win. Lo and behold, I come home and check my email on Sunday to find out I actually won! I’m SO excited, and feel so blessed to have so many good things happen to me at once. I’m definitely crediting the good Lord for all my good fortune. Check out The Gloss Menagerie’s post about me winning here .