Here Comes The Sun

One of my favorite skin care lines, Philosophy has come out with a sun care line! Everything comes in these cute, yellow “sun-inspired” bottles, and best of all, it’s all broad spectrum spf-coverage. This means that the sunscreens will help block both uva and uvb rays. There’s a face spray, a face lotion and a body lotion. 

Face spray

age-defense very water-resistant spf 30 uva⁄uvb broad-spectrum spray sunscreen for body

$26 for 4 oz.
Oil-free, non greasy formula absorbs quickly

face lotion
age defense water resistant spf 40 uva uvb broad spectrum
$30 for a 2 oz.

Oil-free, non greasy formula
body lotion

Age-defense water-resistant spf 30 va⁄uvb broad-spectrum sunscreen

$26 for 4 oz. 
Prevents signs of aging
Philosophy’s “here comes the sun” line also has sunless tanners for the face and body, check them out below!
sunless tanner- face

age-defense gradual glow self-tanner for face

$26 for 2 oz.
Helps improve the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

Sunless Tanner-body

age-defense golden glow self-tanner for body

$28 for 4 oz.
 Helps firm & tone skin

Stay safe in the sun my loves!

January Shop & Tell

Hello my beauties! I had sworn off purchasing non-essential cosmetics to save money for my upcoming nuptials, but lucky for me, I received a ton of Sephora and MAC gift cards for Christmas, and even scored a few “Groupons” to Naimie’s so I had an excuse to go this month. I tried not to go overboard, so this video isn’t very long, but I definitely hit the jackpot with all these superb products!


Mario Badescu Ceramide Eye Gel

Makeup For Ever Mat Velvet in 30

Poo-Pourri Heaven Scent

Lime Crime- Cherry On Top Carousel Gloss

Lady C’s Skin Must Haves

Welcome to Part II of the Four Part series for Lady C’s Must Haves! Below are the products I use almost daily on my skin.

Crest Extra White with Scope Outlast – Ok, I know this isn’t technically a skin product, but I love it so much I had to mention it first. You know those toothpaste commercials where the people go about their day smiling and “feeling fresh all day long?” This toothpaste gives you that fresh feeling for at least 3 hours. NO KIDDING. If I could give one product to each American, it would be this hands down. I give it two Blackberry Messenger thumbs up! Oh if everyone could have fresh, minty breath!

Purity Face Cleanser– I buy this in bulk from Philosophy’s website. I have the 32 oz. bottle with a pump sitting in my shower as we speak. Its mild formula is wonderful for all skin types and still strong enough to remove makeup. A quarter-size amount does the trick. I use it every night in the shower (the hot water opens up your pores and allows for all the dirt/oils to come out easier.)

Fresh Sugar Face Polish — Two words: Ob.Sessed. Okay, one word. But still. The wild strawberries and brown sugar make this smell –and I’ll admit– taste yummy. The grainy texture really polishes the skin without feeling rough.
Rub Rub Rub — with citruses like lemons and orange, floral components like Jasmine and sea salt, this body scrub doesn’t mess around. I stir it up to mix the salts at the bottom and dab a dollar coin-size amount on my loofah and scrub-rub-rub away about once a week. This is great to polish your skin and get it ready for any self-tanners you may use.

Neutrogena Micromist Sunless Tanner– I lightly mist myself with this after rubbing in some of Loreal’s Sublime Bronze tanner into my skin. I like the combination of using a gel tanner, then misting with this spray tanner to get overall coverage and a deep, glowy, natural color.

Loreal Sublime Bronze Clear Self-Tanning Gel – I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Sublime Bronze line of tanners from Loreal. Most of them left me glittery- getting sparkles all over  my clothes- and splotchy. Worst of all, my skin looked patchy as it wore off. HOWEVER, the GEL product is great. The light clear formula dissolves into your skin and mixed with the Neutrogena mist above, gives great color payoff, without getting splotchy or patchy.

Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Mist– I have really bad allergies, and I usually wake up feeling pretty nauseaus so I stay away from heady, strong perfume. I love the Heavenly body spray– call me old school, but it does the trick and the scent is, well…. heavenly. The boyfriend likes it too.

Bubble gum Lip Scrub— Any flavor of Lush’s lip scrubs do the trick. It’s got jojoba oil and castor sugar, so it’s not honey-like or sticky. I stand over the sink after I brush my teeth at night, and crumble the little crystals all over my lips. I wash the extra off and dab on my lip balm, which is coming up…right below.

Fresh Lip Balm — This product is so worth the $22. I have the clear one for night time and the Plum shade for day that I wear under my gloss.

Creme de la Mer — I don’t want anyone thinking I’m a big spender here, because I’m living off of a sample of this stuff lol. In a perfect world, Creme de La Mer face cream would cost $10 a jar, and I would slather it all my body. *Sigh

When Hope is not Enough Serum  — Can’t get enough of this anti-aging serum! I squeeze two drops onto my fingers and pat it onto my skin like I’m playing the piano. Safe to use around the delicate eye area. I top off with a moisturizer like Creme de La Mer or Philosophy’s own Hope cream.

St. Ives Replenishing Mineral Therapy — This is a great basic lotion for hands, feet and all over. I particularly love the smell…it smells like a soapy rain forest, if you can imagine that. It’s one that the boyfriend and I share, so I call the scent “man-friendly.”

Holiday Gift Ideas!

Click the name of the cosmetic brand to find the link to these great gifts! Enjoy…


 Candy Cane Lane
Includes Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Lip Shine all in Candy Cane Flavor

Great Skin Home & Away   
Includes Full-Size Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula, Full-Size Clarifying Lotion, Full-Size Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, Travel Size Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula, Travel Size Clarifying Lotion, Travel Size Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel.
Sugar Plum Let It Glow!                     FRESH                                                                                     $28.00                                                                                     Includes Sugar Plum Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15, Supernova Mascara, Twilight Freshface Glow, Citron de Vigne Eau de Parfum                                      

Beauty In A Box: NARS Junkie      NARS             $69                                                                                              Includes Essential Eye Palette, Ophelia Lip Gloss, mini Orgasm Multiple, mini Bronzer in Laguna
                                                                                                                   Rock For Ever                                        MAKEUP FOREVER                                             $49                                                                                              Includes HD High Definition Microfinish Powder, Sens’ Eyes Waterproof Sensitive Eyes Cleanser, HD High Definition Microperfecting Primer, Smoky Lash mascara in Extra Black and Aqua Eyes Mat Black 0L

12 Days of Christmas                                LUSH                                                                                           Price ranges from $20 – $300                                                      Includes a variety of Lush bubble bars, bath bombs, shower gels, etc 

A Beauty Survey, A La Morgan Green

1) Mood – Focused and content. Everything is smooth-sailing right now.

2) Cheeks– Goddess Blush, an LE from MAC’s Raquel Welch line a few years back. I LOVE this bright coral full-powder blush. It “smacks” me awake in the mornings.

3) Fragrance– Rock ‘N Rose by Valentino. When it comes to perfume, I’m big on floral scents and bottle-style. This does both for me.

4) Sweet Tooth– I have a HUGE sweet tooth for any kind of confection covered in sugar or made with chocolate. I made my dad a birthday cake this weekend, and have been enjoying it for breakfast every morning since. Yummy FUNFETTI

5) Celebrity Crush– My favorite family the Jolie-Pitts. I just can’t get enough of this amazing little multi-cultural family. Talk about knocking down all the rules and doing what feels right, out of LOVE. Awww

6) Makeup Crush– I just splurged and bought Philosophy’s Makeup Optional Skincare kit. All my makeup artist friends rave about it, and I decided it’s time I jump on the bandwagon. It’s originally $129.00 and the price has dropped to $78.00 Additionally, Border’s Rewards program is offering an extra 10% off and free shipping with this code: 3n425864 at checkout. Can’t wait till it gets here! I’m a SUCKER for free shipping!

7) Outfit– I’m pretty impressed with myself today. I love the new spring trend of blush and nude-toned getups, so I bought a short nude-colored dress at Marshall’s for $20 and paired it with black nail polish, black sheer hose and open toe nude heels. And yes, I’m snapping in Z formation as I type this.

*pic coming soon…

8) Hair– Since my outfit is so fresh, I kept my hair simple by leaving it down and straight (With a deep part that is practically a combover. Donald Trump would be proud).

*not too amazing, I’ll skip the pic here*

9)Song of the Day– I always have GaGa on the brain! Today’s delicious song stuck in my head is her newest collaboration with Beyonce called “TELEPHONE”. I highly recommend Youtubing the video.

10) Goals for the Week– Finishing the Whole Body 2-week cleanse I’m doing, celebrating our 2-year anniversary with my BF by riding horseback through the Hollywood Hills at sunset, seeing Rob Pattinson’s new flick Remember Me with sis, and finding my boss a replacement for myself, since I recently was promoted. 🙂 BUSY and FUN week!