New Year, New Reverse-French Nails.

Hello my 2012-ers! Hope you all had a good start to the brand-spankin’ new year. I love even-numbered years. Especially this one, since it’s super easy to say: “twenty-twelve.” It starts with a two, it ends with a two. Okay, I’ll stop. 
In honor of the new year, I designed this nail look. It’s a reverse-French manicure with what I fondly call “tuxedo button” dots. I used a black nail polish and a silver nail polish for this particular look, but feel free to change the colors if you like on yourself. 
“Great, I’m being used as a prop”

“I think they get it, mom.”
Reinforcement Stickers: these are super cheap and can be found at any office supply store.
Nail Dotting Tool: you can pick one of these babies up at Sally Beauty Supply for under $5. You can also opt to use the end of a bobby pin, although it will give you bigger dots. 
Click below to watch the tutorial

Xmas Nails by Xtine

Merry Christmas everyone! I’ve been wanting to try the reverse half-moon design in red a la Dita Von Teese, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to throw in a little Christmas tree-green glitter in the mix. 

OPI‘s Pretty & Privileged — A cheery, pearled red from OPI’s 90210 collection.
Forever 21‘s Green Glitter— I know: who knew Forever 21 had nail polish? I spotted this little gem while in the checkout line and snagged her (yes, it’s a her) last minute. I think it was like $2. Score
Reinforcement stickers from Staples– Yup. 
1) Paint the bottom half of your nails with the green glitter. I did 2 coats so it would show up better. 
2) After it has completely dried, cover the bottom half of your nails with the reinforcement stickers.
3) Paint the part of your nails above the reinforcement stickers red. 
4) After all has dried, carefully peel off the stickers and apply top coat. Voila!

Half Moon Nails

Everyone knows how excited I am about Nail Art being a big trend this summer, so imagine my stoked-ness when the reverse half moon trend was introduced on the runways this year. Thanks to Miss Maven for bringing these to my attention!

A photo from Vena Cava’s runway show
Black nail polish
Beige/Skin Tone nail polish
A small, thin art brush
I did my nails by painting two coats of beige, then took a nail art brush and hand drew the black half-moons. It’s not exactly the easiest way, and since I’m right handed, my right hand nails needed some extra time to not look wobbly. If you want to try this look, an easier way of doing it could be using reenforcement stickers ‘a la Good Taste. All in all, I LOVE this look and will probably be incorporating fall colors in September.