Style Haul during Fashion Week N.Y.C.

I’ve mentioned Style Haul before, but I think it’s worth bringing up again, because it really is a great beauty and fashion channel. Style Haul interviews makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion gurus about the most up-to-date trends in all things beauty. If you haven’t jumped on the Youtube bandwagon, now is the time! I love being subscribed to their channel. I just log in to my Youtube account and click on my subscriptions. Watching these Style Haul videos is one of the biggest ways I keep up with fashion and beauty news. 
Take the latest video for example. Glamour Magazine’s Editor Louise Roe took to the backseat of taxi cabs in N.Y.C. during Fashion Week to talk with bloggers about what they saw on the runways. Being on the West Coast, I wasn’t able to attend but it really felt like I was there because of all these fun interviews! 

Style Haul

If you haven’t heard yet, Style Haul is a brand-new Youtube channel show which features different Youtubers showing off their fashion/beauty hauls. Style Haul was at the IMATS this year. Watch for me at the 3-second mark!
To subscribe to Style Haul, click HERE


Hello my fellow makeup mavens! This past Saturday, I attended the International Makeup Trade Show when it made its Los Angeles stop. I. Was. Floored. I didn’t even have time to attend any of the classes because there was so much going on on the actual floor! Talk about sensory overload…all the makeup giants had booths: MAC, Makeup For Ever, Naimie’s, Crown Brush, Dinair, Ben Nye, NYX and more. I was also pleased to see some of the new beauty lines that I was interested in like Lime Crime and Kollagen. Everything was priced at around 40-50% off! I was getting steals left and right. I couldn’t even move through the crowds because every person had at least two full-to-the-brim shopping bags in each hand. It was like anything that a female would be interested in– makeup, hair accessories, wigs, nail stuff, sparkles, glitter and skincare– had landed in one room and there was nothing left to do but dump your whole paycheck into the place.


DO wear a fun outfit, complete with colorful makeup and crazy nails.

DO network with other bloggers, Youtubers, and makeup lovers alike.

DO bring a friend for moral support — I brought my PR guru, Jenn with me. She does publicity for beauty brands and fashion. You can reach her HERE.


DON’T bring your husband or boyfriend. They will be miserable, and it’s crowded enough without having to fight your way through bummed-out dudes. It’s $40 a ticket anyway, what a waste!

DON’T bring your baby, or his/her stroller. Please see above. And may I add that every baby I saw there, no matter how cute, was distressed from being in the crowds and crying. Give your kid a break and leave him/her with a grandparent at home.

DON’T bring a jacket, or wear thick, heavy clothes. That place was a sauna! So many people packed into one place.

I ran into Iris from Youtube (LOVE her hair tutorials– she does a mean fish braid!) and was honored to be a part of her IMATS review video. Watch for me at the 4 minute mark!

Pasadena Convention Center

My publicist (haha) and beauty PR guru Jen

Done with Dinair’s Leopard stencils

Get your own airbrush machine here!

Gleam by Melanie Mills — a body shimmer product

Doing a promo for Style Haul on Youtube!

I adore this new line, Lime Crime

With the creator of Lime Crime, Doe Deere

I just loved her style

Margarita break at Islands– it was so hot!

I am sad that IMATS- L.A. is over… i wish there was a makeup trade show every weekend! But then I would be broke… and starving lol. See you all next time!