Wedding Series: Bridal Nails

Hi beauty lovers, 
We are finally back from getting married and going on our honeymoon 🙂 
Now that I’ve got the house in order and our lives have gone back to normal, I want to share all my beauty experiences as a bride with you. 
The first part of my wedding series will be on the nails. Here are mine below. I got these done professionally at Bellacures in Hollywood by the lovely Rebecca:
I came up with the idea and did it on my own about 8 months ago, but I knew I wanted a professional to execute it for my big day. I got the idea for the ring finger on Pinterest. It was in silver, but I wanted it done in gold so it would look like my rose gold engagement and wedding rings 🙂
This look was created with gel nail polish, and man did that stuff stay on! It lasted through the wedding, the entire honeymoon (including snorkel and swimming excursions) with a single chip or crack. I finally removed them the other day (17 days later!) simply because my nails were growing out. 
HOW TO REMOVE GEL POLISH AT HOME: I soaked cotton balls in acetone and wrapped each one against my nail, then wrapped each finger up with aluminum foil and waited 10 minutes. I was able to easily scrape the polish off without much damage to my naturals.
I asked all of my lovely bridesmaids to do some form of nail art and they delivered. All the girls chose to incorporate my wedding colors, purple and teal, into their fun nail art designs! It was just so moving (to me) to see all these fun nail art designs on all my loved ones, because they all know how much I love crazy nail looks.
…And my mother SHOCKED me by getting a peach and silver glitter reverse-French nail design for her digits. I was SO excited to see this! Go Mom!

Wedding Bling

No, I’m not talking about rings…I’m talking about Motown-level glittery sequins dripping from every finger on a bride’s wedding day. This look is not for the average bride. 
In my own quest to find fun bridal nail art, all I could find was that tired french manicure. Pinterest, Google and Youtube all left me uninspired. For my big day, I wanted to incorporate white and big, piecy silver glitter in some creative form. I was hell bent on the nails solely being white and silver. This idea came to me, as most my ideas do, at night laying awake in bed. I really loved the way it came out. 
I blocked off the bottom half-moon part of my nails with reinforcement stickers and painted the rest of the area China Glaze’s White On White. Then I mixed a clear top coat with MAC’s 3D Silver glitter for the crescent. The only thing I’ll do different next time is use an actual silver glitter polish instead of the cosmetic-grade glitter, because the texture is a little rough to touch and left empty spots.