Oh My Mattes- Matte Eyeshadow Palettes

Hello my makeup-loving dolls,

Eye shadow palettes are literally coming out of every brand’s ears at the moment. There are a plethora to choose from, and it can be confusing. I’m here to break it down for you.

As a makeup artist, I’m always keeping my eye out for good eyeshadow palettes for my kit. What I’m not looking for? Palettes that are filled with shimmer on top of frost, on top of sparkly shimmer eye shadows. Unfortunately, most of the eye palettes out now are just that. Women buy them, try to do a smoky eye with them, then don’t understand why all the colors have muddled together and smeared. It’s not because you don’t know how to put them on, it’s because they are ALL shimmer shadows, and blending them together is a recipe for disaster.

I’ll be going over my top picks for eyeshadow palettes that contain all or mostly matte shadows. Matte eyeshadows are gorgeous. They pay off well and don’t smear the way shimmery shadows do. They also wear longer.

Here we go:

Smashbox Full Exposure: $49

This palette comes with 7 matte shadows and 7 shimmers and includes a double ended high quality brush. It’s a great starter kit for anyone new to the eyeshadow game, and it’s also fantastic for the makeup artist who is just tired of dragging 27 palettes around. It’s got all your neutral and dark basics in two different textures for mixing and matching. Plus, if you buy this at Sephora this cute kit comes with a deluxe sample size of Smashbox’s mascara.


Too Faced Matte Eye Shadow Collection: $36

I actually just went ahead and purchased this one. It’s SO pretty! It comes in a small case that is easy to travel with or stash in your purse for those of you who get ready on the go. And how thoughtful was it of them to make the lighter “base” shadows bigger than the darker colors (since those are the first ones to go)? This palette has got something that will compliment any eye color. For Green or Hazel, use the pink, purple and grey. For Blue, use the cream and two browns. For Brown, use all of them (ha ha, we are lucky girls!) I can’t wait to leave all 18 of my eyeshadow palettes at home the next time I do a wedding. I’m bringing this and my Naked Basics, which you will see next.

Too Faced

Urban Decay Naked Basics: $28

This compact is the smallest of the bunch but packs a big, matte punch. I personally use this palette daily. The color payoff is impressive and the these smooth shades go with just about everything. You can go from a neutral eye to a smoky one with these six colors. The only shimmer is the first one, Venus, which is beautiful in the corners of the eye or on the brow bone. NAKED BASICS

Stila In The Know Eyeshadow Palette: $39

These 10 wearable matte shades can be worn wet or dry. What’s more, it comes with an eight-page look book and a handy dandy black eyeliner pencil. This is a great option for those of you who have basic mattes, and want some more fun colors to add to your collection. I’m really digging the orange on the bottom left!Stila



Summer Festival Makeup

Heading out to EDC or other raves and clubs this summer? Stand out in the crowd with these glow-mazing UV makeup products! Glow-in-the-dark cosmetics isn’t just for Halloween anymore. TheseĀ  products look nice and normal under regular light, then super bright (and fierce!) under black light. With so many options, you can choose to light up your eyes, lips or nails.

Stila After Glow Lip Color:

Stila’s lip crayons come in six brighter-than-the-80’s shades that will come alive under UV black light. The formula’s secret ingredient is fluorescent pigments which allow it to glow. Other ingredients include algae extract, sunflower seed oil and vitamins C and E, so it glides on and hydrates your lips while you dance the night away.

Stila DayNite

Makeup For Ever Fluo Night

These super fine powder pigments come in eight shades, including an “invisible” white that shows only under UV black light. The powders can be used on the eyes, lips or body. I love using these as eyeliners! I recommend wetting them for a more intense “glow.” Check out the beautiful editorials below…if they don’t want to make you run out to the nearest rave in some tacky furry go-go boots I don’t know what will.

Fluo fluo-Night- make-up-for-ever-fluo-night-black-light-pigment

Illamasqua UV Glow Nail Varnish

I wrote about this in a recent post, and just had to mention them again here. Illamasqua debuted three shades of these UV Nail Varnishes in their “Paranormal” summer launch. They have a beautiful opacity under regular light, then turn into neon “monsters” under black lights. Illamasqua also carries a clear top coat version of this formula called Geist, which will turn any nail polish you have into a UV black light masterpiece. Who needs glow sticks when you got glow-fingers?!

uv_nail_varnish_-_ouija-_300px_web ouija ouija_uv

Would you wear any of these products?