Summer Makeup Inspiration and Trends

Hello Team Beauty Lovers! I wanted to pop in and share with you some of the top makeup  trends I’ve noticed for this nice, hot summer we are having. These trends have been seen on the Spring/ Summer 2015 runways as well as on celebs walking the red carpet, and they are so easy to do. Notice that all of them focus on one feature, whether it’s the eyes, lips or skin. It’s meant to be a quickly-achievable makeup perfect for summer!

Winged, Black Sexy Eyeliner

The ULTIMATE look. If I had it my way, I’d rock this every day (which I normally do, ha ha!) Whether your liner is graphic, winged, bold, thin, swept down or smudged, you can’t go wrong with this trend. Black eyeliner has a way of intensifying the eyes like no other product. Pair this look with nude or natural lips to keep in trend.

TIP: Have a shaky hand or are new at applying liner? Stick a piece of scotch tape under your eye angling off the end of your eye and reaching up toward the end of your eyebrow. Use an angled brush and liquid or gel eyeliner and trace out your wing– the scotch tape will serve as a buffer and give you that clean line you see on the girls below. Peel off the tape and voila, perfect winged eyes!


Strobing: Glowing Skin

This trend has hit the internet by storm and is a much-needed and welcome variation of the infamous and over-used “highlight and contour” routine. If I have to un-teach one more person the tacky, heavy highlight and contouring they learned on Instagram I will scream! Strobing emphasizes on highlighting with colors that are silver in tone: think ivory, pearl, light pink, silver, etc. Because it’s not gold or bronze, it makes the skin look naturally fresh and dewy, as opposed to greasy and overdone. Skip the contour and instead pair this look with simple eyes and clear, glossy lips for a radiant look.

11333514_1624530397794335_312568518_n_590_590_90 how-to-apply-makeup-for-black-women

Bright Lips

Bold lips and summertime go together like Caitlyn Jenner and a pair of heels. Matte colors in tangerine-reds, true reds, and fuchsia are staples, as well as bright purple and creamsicle orange. Keep the eyes and skin simple and let your lips do all the talking.

kendall-jenner-lipstick-th_v andrew-gn-bks-m-rs15-6549 heroine

Pop of Color

This trend always finds its way in the warmer months. A fun pop of colored eyeliner changes things up, and is especially fun if you have blue, green or hazel peepers. Not to worry brown-eyed girls, we are lucky in that we can wear ANY color on our eyes and it will always work! Blue-eyed beauties should try copper tones, green eyes can go for red-violet shades of purple, hazel looks great in golds and greens. Brown eyes- try royal blue!


Summer Collections: Illamasqua Paranormal

Illamasqua is known for their out of the ordinary campaigns and this summer’s “Paranormal” launch is no different. Check out the beautiful visuals for this haunting collection!


Alex Box, head makeup artist for Illamasqua, created these enchanting makeup looks


“Why be normal, when you can be Paranormal?”


Paranormal Palette: $46.50

These four unique water-resistant eye shadows are combined in a cream-to-powder formula.


Illamasqua Gleam in Supernatural: $26

The Gleams are light weight iridescent creams that are perfect for highlighting cheekbones. Here’s Supernatural, a beautiful bronze. Peep Aurora, a bone-pearl shade, HERE.gleam_supernatural_image

Illamasqua Lipstick in ESP: $24

ESP is a vivid violet with a matte finish.image

Illamasqua Lipstick in Posture: $24

Posture is a cool mauve with a matte finish.image_1

My favorite part of this collection are these limited edition UV Nail Varnishes!p-gallery03

There are a total of three shades and one clear polish. Click HERE to check them all out!

Here’s Seance, a plummy pink shade that turns neon under blacklight. I NEED THIS!


Summer Collections: Youngblood Cosmetics

Hello beauties!

With the exception of this week’s cloudy skies, the temperatures are rising and this means my favorite time of year: SUMMER MAKEUP COLLECTIONS! Oh, the bright lips, the bronzers and waterproof liners! I’ll be rolling out some of my favorite brands’s collections one by one, and today I’m starting with Youngblood Cosmetics.

For those of you new to the brand, YB Skin is a salon-only beauty line created by dermatologist Pauline Youngblood. All the products are made cruelty-free and contain the best minerals for your skin. They even offer vegan and gluten-free formulas! Watch all the new products and trade show fun roll out on Youngblood Cosmetics’ Instagram here.

June 1st marks the day YB Skin launches their summer picks.

Dragon Fruit Lipstick and Flaunt Mighty Shiny Lip Gel

Lipstick in DRAGON FRUIT: $19

This long-lasting formula blends Sunflower oil, Jojoba seed and Vitamin E, making lips kissably smooth. The color is a sheer, clean pink that reminds me of watermelon. I adore the formula of this lipstick: it feels grease-less but soft at the same time! This is a fave for me.

Color Swatches for Dragon Fruit lipstick and Flaunt Lip Gel
Color swatches: Flaunt Lip Gel on top and Dragon Fruit lipstick on the bottom.

Mighty Shiny Lip Gel in FLAUNT: $25.50

The Mighty Shiny Lip Gels have a high shine, sheer color and light vanilla scent, making them easy-to-wear when you’re on-the-go. With ingredients like Jojoba Seed, Almond Oil and antioxidants, you can feel good about what you’re putting on your mouth. The Flaunt shade for summer is a bright, clear pink with gold shimmer. It’s beautiful on it’s own or paired with Dragon Fruit lipstick.

Here I layered a NYX lip liner in Fuchsia under the Dragon Fruit lipstick. It really shows how versatile this lipstick is. You can wear it sheer on its own or pack a punch with a liner. Follow me on Instagram for more fun makeup photos!